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$ 1.57 billion in expected sales for Twitter, Inc. (NYSE: TWTR) this quarter


Stock analysts predict that Twitter, Inc. (NYSE: TWTR) will report sales of $ 1.57 billion for the current fiscal quarter, according to Zacks investment research. Nine analysts have released Twitter earnings estimates, with the highest sales estimate at $ 1.58 billion and the lowest estimate at $ 1.55 billion. Twitter reported revenue of $ 1.29 billion in the same quarter last year, indicating a positive growth rate of 21.7% year-over-year. The company is expected to announce its next quarterly earnings report on Tuesday, February 8.

According to Zacks, analysts expect Twitter to report annual sales of $ 5.09 billion for the current fiscal year, with estimates ranging from $ 5.06 billion to $ 5.19 billion. For the next fiscal year, analysts predict the company will post revenue of $ 6.21 billion, with estimates ranging from $ 6.03 billion to $ 6.48 billion. Zacks Investment Research sales averages are an average based on a survey of sales analysts who follow Twitter.

Twitter (NYSE: TWTR) last reported its quarterly results on Tuesday, October 26. The social networking company reported ($ 0.54) earnings per share for the quarter, missing Zacks’ consensus estimate of $ 0.02 from ($ 0.56). The company posted revenue of $ 1.28 billion in the quarter, compared to analysts’ estimates of $ 1.28 billion. Twitter had a negative net margin of 3.77% and a negative return on equity of 3.21%. The company’s revenue for the quarter increased 37.1% from the same quarter last year. In the same quarter of last year, the company made EPS of $ 0.07.

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Several stock analysts have recently weighed on the title. Citigroup cut its target price on Twitter shares from $ 60.00 to $ 47.00 and set a “neutral” rating on the share in a report released on Wednesday, December 1. They noted that the move was an appraisal call. MKM Partners lowered its price target on Twitter shares from $ 83.00 to $ 77.00 and set a “buy” rating on the stock in a report released on Wednesday, October 27. Barclays raised its price target for Twitter shares from $ 60.00 to $ 64.00 and rated the stock “underweight” in a report released on Wednesday, October 27. BMO Capital Markets lowered its price target for Twitter shares from $ 70.00 to $ 65.00 and established a “market return” rating on the share in a report released on Wednesday, October 27. Finally, UBS Group began covering shares of Twitter in a report on Thursday, December 2. They issued a “neutral” rating and a target price of $ 50.00 on the stock. Three equity research analysts rated the stock with a sell rating, eighteen assigned a conservation rating, and fifteen issued a buy rating for the stock. Based on data from MarketBeat, the stock currently has a consensus rating of “Hold” and a consensus price target of $ 68.94.

In related news, the insider Michel montano sold 4,500 shares in a trade that took place on Monday, December 20. The shares were sold at an average price of $ 42.30, for a total trade of $ 190,350.00. The transaction was disclosed in a document filed with the Securities & Exchange Commission, which can be accessed through this link. In addition, Director V (Gp) LLC Slta purchased 1,400,000 shares of the company in a transaction dated Monday, December 6. The shares were purchased at an average price of $ 43.94 per share, for a total transaction of $ 61,516,000.00. Disclosure of this purchase can be found here. In the past three months, insiders have sold 96,090 shares of the company valued at $ 5,295,275. Company insiders own 2.56% of the company’s shares.

A number of institutional investors have recently increased or reduced their stakes in the company. Moors & Cabot Inc. increased its stake in Twitter by 13.7% in the 3rd quarter. Moors & Cabot Inc. now owns 6,619 shares of the social networking company valued at $ 398,000 after purchasing an additional 800 shares during the period. Kingsview Wealth Management LLC increased its stake in Twitter by 36.6% in the 3rd quarter. Kingsview Wealth Management LLC now owns 5,938 shares of the social networking company valued at $ 359,000 after purchasing an additional 1,590 shares during the period. EP Wealth Advisors LLC increased its stake in Twitter by 34.4% in the 3rd quarter. EP Wealth Advisors LLC now owns 4,677 shares of the social networking company valued at $ 282,000 after purchasing an additional 1,197 shares during the period. American International Group Inc. increased its stake in Twitter by 21.9% in the 3rd quarter. American International Group Inc. now owns 326,358 shares of the social networking company valued at $ 19,709,000 after purchasing an additional 58,709 shares during the period. Finally, Wealthsource Partners LLC acquired a new position in Twitter shares during the 3rd quarter for a value of $ 515,000. Hedge funds and other institutional investors hold 78.56% of the company’s shares.

NYSE: TWTR opened for $ 44.16 on Friday. The company has a current ratio of 4.09, a quick ratio of 4.09, and a debt to equity ratio of 0.59. The company has a market cap of $ 35.31 billion, a price-to-earnings ratio of -183.99 and a beta of 0.71. The company’s fifty-day simple moving average is $ 50.35 and its 200-day simple moving average is $ 59.81. Twitter has a year-over-year low of $ 41.01 and a year-over-year high of $ 80.75.

About Twitter

Twitter, Inc. is a global platform for public expression and real-time conversation. It provides a network that connects users with people, information, ideas, opinions and news. The company’s services include live commentary, live hookups, and live chats. Its app provides social networking and microblogging services through mobile devices and the Internet.

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