Home Service company Aeroflot, the Russian state airline, announces that it will suspend international flights

Aeroflot, the Russian state airline, announces that it will suspend international flights


Russia’s state airline, Aeroflot, said on Saturday it would suspend all international flights from Tuesday “due to additional circumstances that prevent the execution of flights.”

The cancellation will also apply to its Aurora and Rossiya subsidiaries, the airline said, although Aeroflot said it would continue to fly to Minsk, the capital of Belarus.

Russia’s airline industry has been hit hard as countries around the world imposed sanctions on Russia over President Vladimir V. Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine. Mr. Putin and President Aleksandr G. Lukashenko of Belarus are allies, and Russian forces attacked Ukraine from Belarus.

In another sign of harm to the country’s airline industry, Russia’s aviation authority, Rosaviatsia, recommended on Saturday that Russian airlines with planes registered in foreign jurisdictions suspend all overseas flights from Sunday for fear that they will be seized by foreign governments.

The suspension effectively means that Russian airlines will no longer be able to fly foreign-made planes on international routes.

It is also likely to become more difficult for Russian airlines to use foreign-made planes domestically, as companies such as Boeing and Airbus have suspended parts, maintenance and service. technical assistance after the invasion.

There were 332 Boeing planes among Russia’s airline fleet of 861 planes in service at the start of March, according to Cirium, an analytics firm.

The European Union has ordered leasing companies to terminate hundreds of aircraft leases by Russian companies. Russia retaliated by banning Western-based airlines from entering its airspace.