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AI-powered service Giftpack raises funds to transform corporate and personal gifts


NEW YORK, March 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Giftpack, a pioneering AI-powered donation service, has raised an additional round, bringing the company’s total funding to $1 million since its launch in 2020. The new Yorkstartup based in Taiwan runs a global operation and now helps over a thousand companies reshape their giving process around the world.

Investors in the company include syndicate AngelList Accelerating Asia; Draper Startup House global business center; that of Singapore the biggest player in corporate gifts, Axxel Marketing; from Japan first acceleration program, Open Network Lab, created in 2010 by Tokyotech conglomerate Digital Garage; and a group of angels from the United States and Asia.

Funds raised will be dedicated to improving AI accuracy, as well as expanding sales. Giftpack currently serves 1,142 corporate accounts in addition to thousands of individual customers. the new York– the company whose registered office also has offices in Tokyo, Seoul, San Franciscoand taipei.

The Giftpack AI solution sources gifts from a catalog of 3.2 million products available online worldwide. By analyzing the gift recipient’s personal keywords, social media, and digital footprint, the service can get a sense of their tastes, interests, and preferences in order to suggest personalized options for each individual. The service also takes care of delivery logistics, so customers don’t have to worry about international shipping, packaging and other operations.

“According to our data, we have helped our corporate clients save over 50,000 hours – HR, office managers, customer success managers, marketers and sales professionals,” said Archer Chiang, Founder and CEO of Giftpack. “We live in a rapidly changing environment, and the pandemic years have only increased the workload. Using AI, we can reduce the stress of choosing the perfect personalized gift. also to retain employees and customers, as well as to maintain better relationships with people.”

The company also takes into account cultural differences, down to details like the color of the packaging: for example, red is lucky and festive in some cultures, but it may not “translate” not that way in others. Giftpack achieved a 99.2% satisfaction rate by challenging the “one size fits all” approach to corporate gifts. The company has grown exponentially during the pandemic.

According to Coresight Research, the US corporate gifts market is expected to reach $306 billion by 2024, at a rate of more than 8% per year.

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