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Airgain Launches CBRS and C-Band Antennas for Next-Generation Private Wireless Networks, Improving Coverage and Performance


SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Airgain, Inc. (NASDAQ:AIRG), a leading provider of advanced wireless connectivity technologies and systems used to enable high-performance networking across a wide range of devices and markets, today announced the launch of its Broadband Radio Service. Citizens Band (CBRS) and its lower C-band panel antenna. With this new high-performance CBRS and C-band antenna, Airgain expands its capabilities to more easily enable enterprise users to deploy powerful, reliable, and secure private wireless networks that require higher throughput and wider coverage.

For enterprise applications, the total cost of ownership of private wireless networks can be better than Wi-Fi because it offers greater capacity, wider coverage, and a connectivity layer capable of operating under radio conditions. difficult. Establishing a private wireless network also requires fewer access points and less supporting infrastructure.

“There is an explosion in demand for a next-generation private wireless network, from businesses needing to increase productivity to school districts pushing connections across campus and to nearby homes,” said Airgain SVP of Global Product and Marketing Morad Sbahi. “Airgain will be at the forefront of enabling connectivity for these networks by helping base stations broadcast reliable and secure private networks at lower cost.”

As the latest addition to Airgain’s Antenna+™ product suite, the antenna offers high performance CBRS and C-Band connectivity for point-to-point or point-to-multipoint applications. Equipped with two ports, this antenna connects to most branch routers or modems. Offering powerful MIMO technology, this antenna also offers two high-gain CBRS and lower C-band antennas that operate in the 3300-3800 MHz band. The small panel limits the wireless infrastructure footprint and provides high gain for stable point-to-point links.

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