Home Social networking Asynchronous voice social platform Swell launches version 3.0 upgrade and introduces automatic text snippets for “conversational navigation”

Asynchronous voice social platform Swell launches version 3.0 upgrade and introduces automatic text snippets for “conversational navigation”


Swell 3.0 offers a redesigned interface for easy content discovery and intuitive features for convenient use in public spaces

Coimbatore, India, March 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Swell, the first asynchronous voice social platform that launched in India in the middle of last year, rolled out its upgrade to version 3.0 today. The upgrade showcases a host of innovative feature changes that aim to make audio-based social networking more immersive and engaging. It uses automatic AI-powered text snippets, inline image rendering, Swell tiles and more to create a “conversation navigation” experience, where users can explore an audio conversation in a non-linear way. , quickly switching to the parts and speakers that interest them. their.

The update also addresses the issue of audio content discovery by creating Station home pages that feature trending conversations and top speakers on various topics.

Additionally, the new Swell logo avatar further underscores the brand’s commitment to keeping audio and the human voice front and center.

Key updates at a glance

Navigating through conversations
Content Discoverability Improvements
Convenient settings for use in public areas

Commenting on the launch of Swell 3.0, Sudha K Varadarajan, Co-Founder and CEO, Swellnoted, “Audio is no longer a second-class citizen. It used to be something you listened to when you were doing other things; like listening to a podcast when on the move, listening to the radio or music when doing chores. , etc. But today, people appreciate the human, healthy and authentic format that audio brings to social networks. With Swell 3.0, we have tried to improve this experience. We have strategically designed our interface in a way that what users may find appealing, even if they have a few moments. And we continue to reinforce the platform’s core value of letting users “be themselves”; a program that ensures that users are always surrounded by friendly voices. A user can post their thoughts and opinions without fear as the responses they get are also thoughtful and genuine.”

As an early entrant into the social audio market, Swell has garnered strong uptake and aims to strengthen its convenience operations by incorporating the insights it gained from learning how its users interacted with audio content. The upgrade allows users to quickly discover hidden gems and a myriad of voices that would otherwise get lost in a monolithic audio format. The app can also be enjoyed in public places where audio cannot be played, using snippets to quickly catch up on various conversations or bookmarking them to listen to later. Users can also hit “play all” on any Swells listing and just sit back and relax and listen – whether it’s a mental wellness audio station, interviews insights with leading politicians or Swells on #LoveInTheTimeOfCovid.

Swell has recently been in the news regularly, for the meaningful conversations that are nurtured on the platform. It reflects a new India where young people care about the issues that really matter and express their opinions without inhibition. Some recent hot topics are the RussiaUkraine crisis, cyber-bullying, student suicide, the hijab controversy, student mental well-being, etc.

About the swell

Started in San Francisco by entrepreneurs based in Silicon Valley Sudha Varadarajan and Arish AliSwell launched at SXSW in 2021 and India, a short time later. It is the first asynchronous voice social platform in India. The asynchronous nature of the platform not only makes it easier for listeners to catch up whenever they want, but also improves the quality of the conversation by allowing for advance preparation. Conversations on Swell are nuanced, thoughtful and flawed to promote authenticity, safety and relatability in social media. Each post on Swell contains up to 5 minutes of audio and may contain links and photos. Swell follows an ad-free business model to prioritize user experience and monetization will be driven by offering premium tools and Swellcasts.

Video – https://youtu.be/vG5KMvBJ6vY