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Benedita Parodi is forced to say goodbye. Forced return to reality with him


Sad day for Benedetta Parodi, forced to say goodbye: everyone loves the Instagram post anyway!

Benedita Parodi (Instagram Photo ziabene)

Benedetta Parodi loves interacting with a domain that she collects and shares a lot on social networks. The presenter, known for her prominent roles in recipes and cooking shows, uses Instagram a lot: she has 1 million followers on the world’s most popular social media service.

Former author of books and journalist, Baroudi is online with content of all kinds. Obviously, fans love his videos in which he reveals recipes and offers new dishes.

On these festive days, the hometown of Alexandria surprised everyone by posting countless snaps online straight from their wonderful Lapland vacation. But this afternoon, the 49-year-old posted a message containing a streak of gloom.

Benedita Parodi forced to say goodbye: the post surprises the web

This afternoon, Benedetta stunned her followers by posting on the web a touching content in which she revealed her mental state.

back to reality‘”he wrote in the comment, referring to the fact that he had to say goodbye to his trip to Lapland. After several days of relaxation, it’s time to get back to normal.

These days, the presenter has laid down with her family in the endless expanses of ice, enjoys snowboarding or snowboarding, sees enchanting things like the Northern Lights and wears dreamy unlined suits.

In today’s photo, Parodi is sitting in her famous kitchen with Fabio Carissa. The two only evoke smiles, but they aren’t looking over the moon.

When you have to say goodbye to these magical places, there is always a little melancholy and a little sadness in a part of the heart.

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Benedita Parodi (Instagram photo ziabene)

In any case, the presenter wasted no time and immediately prepared tonight’s dinner. The 49-year-old shared right after a snap in which she’s completely shabby: A beauty like this in the kitchen is always a feast for the eyes.