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Bishop Ishizo urges communicators to show their passion for the work.


Catholic Church and Religious Directors for Social Communication in Nigeria have been tasked by the Bishops’ Conference of Catholics (CBCN) in Nigeria to show more commitment and passion to their apostolate.

Nigerian Catholic Information Service – Abuja

Bishop Dennis Chidi Ishizo shows more commitment and passion for their mission as communicator of the Church, and all the means at their disposal to grow and make their functions more effective. Challenge the country’s Catholic director of social communications to make sure he looks for him.

Bishop Ishizo delivered a speech at a recent three-day media workshop in the capital, Abuja. This workshop was organized by the National Office of Social Communication of the Catholic Secretariat (CSN) of Nigeria for parish and religious communication directors of the Catholic Church in Nigeria.

Towards an integrated and effective Catholic media

Under the theme “Director Empowering the Integrated and Effective Catholic Media Apostolate of Nigeria” The workshop was said to have taken place in a colorful ceremony hosted by Ignatius Ayau Kaigama, Archbishop of Abuja.

“As you know, the voice of social media is hardly real. Therefore, we must strive to convey the naked truth to society and practice unified journalism. While the bishop speaks from the altar of the church. , You are a church infantryman. You have to go out to meet people and be accountable for their plight. He challenged the Director of Catholic Communications to be the voice of the church, of society and especially of the poor.

The poor must also find space on your home page

In line with a similar policy, Archbishop Onitsha’s Deputy Bishop told workshop participants that the Catholic Church in Nigeria urgently needs a selfless, duty-bound communications director.

“We need a director who is passionate about effective communication and able to use media tools correctly. We must project the message of the bishop and the church, but go to the village and report on the struggles and heroic activities of the poor. It is also essential. People. You should also leave room for them on the cover of your newspaper. “

Challenges and successes of Catholic media in Nigeria

From the three published articles and the two training components of the workshop, the first article was published by Father Mike Nshikaku Umo on the following topics: “The Church Spirit on Social Communication”. The other two articles were written by Reverend Patrick Almuk of the Archdiocese of Abuja and Martin Anushi of the Diocese of Awka. Father Alumuku gives his experience “The Challenge of Managing a Media Office in a Catholic Church in Nigeria” Diocese of Awka, Bro. Told the director of communication Anus, “Prospects for a Successful Catholic Media Office in Nigeria. “ He challenged his fellow filmmaker to “think outside the box and on the water”.

How to set up a basic parish media facility on a low budget

In the exercise, Father Paulinus Andien, deputy director of communications in the Diocese of Uyo, showed other directors how to set up a basic audio and video recording and editing studio on a low budget. He explained the differences and the use of different microphones and devices. Meanwhile, ICT expert Godwin Onyekwere presented the Board of Directors with a groundbreaking new digital networking app created by the National Communication Agency of the Catholic Church in Nigeria.

Thanks to the former officer

At the closing ceremony, Father Chris Anyanu, the last national communications director, was recognized for his many years of service in church communications in Nigeria. The directors also thanked Otumba Gide Vincent Faduguba Pinheiro for leaving the country’s Social Communication Office after 17 years of service.

Bishop Ishizo urges communicators to show their passion for the work.

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