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Business is on the breakfast menu for city traders


BUSINESS owners gathered for the Ashburton Chamber of Commerce networking breakfast at Coljan, a local cafe owned by Nathan and Michelle Siddle.

After the isolation caused by Covid, the Chamber of Commerce could see how important it was to reconnect local businesses, especially new businesses that have recently joined the city. The event was therefore open to everyone, not just members, and was free to attend.

It was hoped that the Networking Breakfast would provide vital links between different sectors; bring together and engage businesses with new suppliers and provide a forum to share ideas.

Nigel Ward, President of the Ashburton Chamber of Commerce, said: “It was a great success.

“Altogether about 30 people attended and many of them were new faces to our regular meetings which was great to see.

“There was a lot of talking, everyone was very relaxed and really enjoyed being able to get together and talk in person rather than through a screen!

“Many important connections were made and we saw people come from a wide variety of sectors – retail, hospitality, beauty as well as online businesses such as web designers who have no facade. physical. It was a great way for them to feel part of the business community.

Ashburton’s newly appointed Mayor Philip Vogel also gave a short speech introducing himself to business owners and discussing his plans for the coming year.

It was a good opportunity for business to ask questions/raise concerns with him/and ideas.

This was the first in a planned calendar of networking events including morning breakfast sessions as well as evening sessions.

Anyone interested in getting involved in a future event keep an eye on the Chamber of Commerce social media on Facebook and on Instagram using the @totallyashburton tag