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Calgary owner warns others after company he didn’t hire shows up to service furnace


A Calgary owner warns others after booking a furnace and duct cleaning service with a company, but another shows up at his house.

Jean Dube told Global News that he has been planning to have his furnace and air ducts cleaned for some time, so when he got an unexpected call from a telemarketer, he jumped on it.

The caller said he was from Reliable Duct Pro with offices in Calgary and Edmonton. Dube said he went to the company’s website and liked what he saw. So he made an appointment for the next day.

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“The door rang, I went to the door. There was a guy there – he wasn’t in uniform – but he explained he was from Reliable and said, “Could you show me the furnace room?” Dube said.

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Dube said he had, but then became suspicious when the furnace technician did not have any of the equipment listed on the website.

He said he then checked the van parked in his driveway and saw another name on it, not Reliable.

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“I went out and spoke to who appeared to be his wife,” he told Global News. “She explained that the main truck was cold and had not started. It had broken down so they called them and sent them instead.

Dube said he continued to ask her questions, including about their relationship with Reliable, and was told that Reliable was the “marketing arm” of some local businesses.

Dube said he then canceled the entire service call.

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“I didn’t feel comfortable with what was going to happen. It’s my furnace, it’s winter and you kind of want a certified technician to do it.

“Also, there was no identification of the company other than something written on the side of the van that had nothing to do with the company that contacted me,” he said. he declares.

On its website, Reliable indicates that it is a locally owned and operated company with offices in Calgary and Edmonton.

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Global News went to both addresses listed but could not find the business. We got hold of someone at the phone number listed, but despite many attempts to find a physical location, we were unable to do so.

A company representative told us that Reliable had done nothing wrong, adding that Dube canceled the service and was not billed.

Global News continued to ask why another company was sent to service their furnace and ducts and was told that Reliable’s service technicians were busy that day, so the company had to outsource the service. .

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Global News requested an interview to explain the confusion, but was repeatedly turned down.

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Dube said he didn’t believe local contractors were cheating him and he felt bad for turning them down.

“It was probably the only job they had that day.”

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But Dube added that he didn’t hire them, he hired Reliable, and he wasn’t about to take any chances. He then contacted Reliable again to ask if they could come back on another day, but it was closed.

“He got a little animated and said it was not in his best interests to take our business.”

Reliable Duct Pro is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), but it does have a few reviews on the site, which are not favorable.

Dube told Global News he had heard warnings from other companies before about furnace and duct cleaning “impostors”, so he decided not to risk giving his business to them. or his money.

“I didn’t lose any money, I’m very grateful for that,” he said. “I just felt they twisted what it was.”

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