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Catering companies develop a variety of services using advanced technology


This photo provided by CJ Freshway Corp. shows its “food scanner” technology.

SEOUL, Sep 29 (Korea Bizwire)A growing number of restaurant companies are going beyond simply providing meals to support health management and improving eating habits using advanced technology.

CJ Freshway Corp., a food distribution and catering subsidiary of CJ Group, partnered with food data analytics start-up NUVI Lab in July to develop a dietary life management service for daycare centers.

The company plans to apply “food scanner” technology that monitors the type and amount of food left by analyzing images of food before and after children have eaten.

This technology makes it easier to detect if children are eating too much or have unbalanced eating habits, thus helping to improve their eating habits.

Large food producer Ourhome Co. analyzes how much of a specific dish will be eaten per day by analyzing various factors including weather, season, day of the week and the company’s food preferences.

For example, the number of employees who eat in company cafeterias increases on the first day of the rainy season, but the figure returns to normal from the third day of the rainy season.

As the importance of sanitation and security has increased dramatically due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of remote services is also increasing.

Samsung Welstory Inc., the foodservice subsidiary of the Samsung Group, is rolling out facial recognition payment services and sensor technology that automatically delivers a spoon and chopsticks if it detects hand movement.

For some corporate cafeterias, Ourhome has introduced food distribution robots that transport side dishes to food distribution tables.

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