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City of Mounds, Illinois to get new trash service


MOUNDS, Ill. (KFVS) – A community in Heartland has a new trash service.

City of Mounds officials are working to transition the service to a new company to help the public with better rates.

“There are no problems, there are no hidden agendas. It is exactly what it is,” said Acting Mayor of Mounds Freddie Brown.

Recently, he launched a tender for a new municipal garbage service to obtain better services for the community.

“This company, GFL, is the one that won the bid,” he said.

GFL, which stands for Green For Life, is a scalable, innovative and diverse litter bin service that helps keep streets clean and safe, at a lower cost.

“We try to do better, to have prices and to obtain better services. We are just in a transition period to take out the dumpsters and bring in the new dumpsters. »

The bins were collected by the old bin company, waiting to be removed. But the new waste company will distribute dumpsters and bins throughout the city later this week.

“They started removing old cans yesterday,” Brown explained.

He asked the public to be patient during the service change.

“We had been posting on social media to just hold the trash cans until the new cans come out,” he said.

But for residents who currently have a buildup of trash, Brown said, “We have dumpsters if someone can’t wait. They can go to the outskirts of town, here out of town on the south end, or to the park. We have a dumpster, they can come and put their waste there if they need it.

The delivery of the new bins will take place on January 20 and the first pick-up date will be January 27.

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