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Compelling reasons to move your company’s digital services to the cloud – The Yucatan Times


In the last decade or so, cloud computing has completely transformed the IT industry and the provision of cloud services is now one of the fastest growing areas in the entire IT and technology industry.

As more companies take the plunge and move their digital and IT services to third-party cloud partners, the growth of the cloud offering is expected to multiply over the next few years, but what is the cloud? computing and how could it benefit your business? Read on for a quick guide.

What is cloud computing? Before considering the benefits of moving to the cloud, it may be a good idea to first define what the cloud is and how cloud computing works. As a term, cloud computing refers to all IT services that are performed remotely and (primarily) provided over the internet to subscribers. These services can encompass everything from storage to processing and running applications, and are normally delivered on an ad hoc, on-demand basis, typically using a subscription model.

The advantages of cloud computing. The truth is, the benefits of moving to cloud computing can vary widely from company to company. The magnitude and scope of the benefits you derive from operating in the cloud will largely depend on how your business operates and the types of goods / services you provide. However, in general, working with a cloud provider can:

Reduce the cost of your IT services: Bottom line – running an internal network doesn’t come cheap. Between the costs of installing servers, upgrades, and general maintenance, IT costs can quickly spiral out of control and make digital integration prohibitive, especially for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). By outsourcing your IT, you offload these substantial overhead costs to your cloud provider, in addition to having access to the latest and fastest technology.

Boost your existing technology: By definition, cloud computing relies on the power, storage and processing of remote machines, which means that even the least powered device can be turned into a central processing plant. While you should always invest in a kit that suits your needs (e.g. the best laptop you can afford and other capable mobile devices), using remote power you will be able to perform even very complex tasks.

Benefit from a truly mobile workforce: The recent coronavirus pandemic has reshaped many areas of life and society, including the requirement to work from home imposed by containment and isolation measures. While we all hope the worst of the virus is now behind us, most industry and employment experts suggest that the 9-5 hour set ethic is highly unlikely to ever return from the past. Monday to Friday previous. Indeed, most analysts agree that employees will demand more flexibility in how and where they work in the future. If you want to embrace mobile working, there is no better solution than integrating the cloud into your operations and allowing your workforce to go fully mobile.

24/7/365 security and support: If you’re using your own network and something is wrong, it’s up to you to fix it. With a cloud services company, you will enjoy great peace of mind knowing that you have a professional team of specialists to take care of any issue.



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