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Complaints Galore Against Mobile Network, Costs and Internet at BTRC Public Hearing


Customers also complained about slow internet connections, high speed internet charges, additional call charges, dropped calls, and issues with mobile network portability or MNP services.

The questions raised on Sunday were almost the same as those the BTRC heard in public hearings in 2016 and 2019.

Officials responded to complaints, made virtually, with immediate resolutions and assurances. Participants registered online.

“We are still working to develop the quality of services,” said BTRC chairman Shyam Sunder Sikder after nearly three hours of hearing starting at 2 p.m.

Niamul Islam from Chandpur claimed that residents do not have mobile phone services even within a kilometer of network towers. He had complained about the problem to Teletalk, but it was not resolved.

BTRC officials said operators were working on expanding networks and had obtained licenses for new towers.

Customer Nazmul Islam said the Teletalk network is available in urban areas, but not in villages. Mehedi Hasan Antar and Monirul Islam have raised similar allegations on the operator’s network.

Sohag Kaiser said he changed operators without changing numbers, but it took some time for the services to activate, creating problems.

Nasim Parvez, general manager of BTRC systems and services, said MNP services are activated after a certain day following the rules, but the regulator will check to see if this creates problems for customers.

Shipu Saha alleged that Grameenphone charged him an additional 68 Tk, but did not refund after complaining.

A BTRC official immediately checked his number and said he was charged more because he used the country code, +88, to make calls.

Another customer, Pavel Ahmed, claimed that operators charge additional VAT and surcharge, but Nasim said companies cannot do this because the money is charged according to rules set by the government.

Banglalink customer Abdul Kayum said the operator added him to a service without notifying him and charged him a fee. He did not get the money back after complaining to the carrier.

The BTRC said it would look into the matter.

Abdullah Mahmud asked if BTRC would take action against Grameenphone for “dismissal of workers without notice”.

The BTRC chairman said they would discuss the matter, although it is an internal matter for the company.

Client Malek, who only gave one name, said he couldn’t choose ISPs because some companies use muscle power, forcing everyone to use their connections. ISPs would also charge additional fees.

BTRC’s Nasim said ISPs cannot charge extra after the government sets monthly charges for broadband connections.

He said ISPs will face action if they force customers to use their connections.

BTRC Chairman Shyam Sunder said the number of unexpected dropped calls was within the tolerable limit as the regulator is monitoring these issues.

Nasim detailed the actions they had taken in response to issues raised in previous hearings.

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