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Deutsche Telekom: Telekom at MWC Barcelona 2022

  • Deutsche Telekom at MWC Barcelona: Focus on Technology for People

  • “Angels” by Robbie Williams rearranged in the style of Beethoven

  • Deutsche Telekom showcases 5G network innovations

  • Deutsche Telekom and RTL: 5G simplifies mobile TV production

MWC Press Conference with Claudia Nemat, DT Board Member for Technology and Innovation.

How are people benefiting from digitization? Deutsche Telekom answers this question at MWC Barcelona. Powerful networks and human-centric digital applications: At MWC, Deutsche Telekom shows how it shapes digital transformation for and with people. “Human first – digital now. Many of Telekom’s important innovations for our customers and partners are network innovations. Only with a forward-looking pioneering spirit and a flair for good digital solutions that we can lead the way,” Claudia Nemat said at the upcoming press conference. of the largest networking technology fair in Europe. “We create digital experiences tailored to the needs of our customers. This is what we show in Barcelona. And we talk about how we can use technology to create a more sustainable and digital daily life for many people.”

Mobile live production of TV content on smartphones, innovation in network slicing, borderless connections for the Internet of Things and a new digital home networking experience: Deutsche Telekom is working with strong partners to show how customers, l ndustry and the craft sector benefit from innovations and network applications. The company thus puts another exclamation point on technological leadership at the MWC in Barcelona.

Robbie Williams and Beethoven’s AI

For Deutsche Telekom, digital responsibility is an integral part of digitization. This is why the company repeatedly focuses on the challenges of new technologies. For example, how they interact with us humans. How creative can artificial intelligence be, for example? Deutsche Telekom is now exploring this question with global star Robbie Williams. The Briton has already sold more than 80 million records during his incredible career. Today, the music legend takes on a special challenge with the Deutsche Telekom team. This joins the “Beethoven X” project: Based on the AI ​​experts used to complete Ludwig van Beethoven’s 10th Symphony for the first time, Williams’ hit “Angels” has been rearranged in the style of the classical master. In combination with works such as the Moonlight Sonata, an unpublished version of the ballad was created. The exclusive preview will take place on February 28 at the MWC in Barcelona.

Deutsche Telekom and RTL: the broadcast truck for your pocket

5G is more than speed. An important element of the new mobile communication standard is the so-called network slicing. Slicing provides virtual networks operated in parallel, depending on the application scenario. This enables it to respond flexibly and efficiently to the respective requirements. In Barcelona, ​​Deutsche Telekom demonstrates how businesses in various industries are benefiting from the versatile capabilities of the new network. An example is the mobile production of live video content in the autonomous 5G network. Deutsche Telekom is testing this with media company RTL Deutschland. In the future, high-quality, television-ready videos can be transmitted reliably and flexibly over 5G connections, even with smartphones. Journalists stream data-intensive video feeds live from the scene using network slicing. The particularity: the division of the network technically ensures the necessary bandwidths. This applies even to heavily used mobile communications cells. In this way, the partners want to bring mobile television journalism to a new technological level. In other words, the smartphone will become a broadcast truck for your pocket.

Deutsche Telekom and Ericsson innovate in network slicing

Whether broadcasting, logistics or automotive telematics: reliable connections are important for customers who have to rely on low-latency data connections for mission-critical applications. And this also applies to business sites located around the world. Deutsche Telekom and Ericsson Demonstrate Groundbreaking Proof-of-Concept Implementation: Partners establish connectivity with guaranteed quality of service (QoS) between Germany and Poland via end-to-end 5G network slicing. With an SD-WAN solution from Deutsche Telekom, the data connection can be flexibly controlled and managed via a customer portal. The solution ensures that different service parameters in the network can be operated across national borders. At the same time, network resources are allocated flexibly. This approach is presented for the first time in the world. It is especially beneficial for global enterprises that operate latency-critical applications across different international locations.

T IoT for borderless connections for the Internet of Things

What do the connected car and the international supply chain have in common? In short: they transmit positions or status data around the world by radio via the Internet of Things (IoT). Until now, it was very complex to build global IoT solutions. This required negotiations with several suppliers. Each with different contracts and their own billing and support platforms. Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile US are now simplifying global IoT connectivity for businesses. Together they launch “T IoT”. This is a new offer of IoT solutions. It covers all the necessary components of an IoT connectivity solution. From procurement, contracts and invoicing to customer support. Even platform management and global network service level agreements are included. And all based on seamless network connectivity. This covers the full range of networking technologies. So narrowband as well as 5G. Mainly multinational collaborations benefit from simple and flexible IoT solutions.

Fun in digital everyday life – new home networking experience

Extend the shopping list to the spouse at the supermarket? Check if the children are still at home? Turning down the heat when spring suddenly wakes up from the city park? Smart devices and smart functions can be controlled with an app. The most important place in the world is clearly our home. Today, it takes more than a fast internet to make it more comfortable and sustainable: our lives at home are inextricably linked to the digital world. Deutsche Telekom picks up on this trend with the Magenta Zuhause App. This creates a new digital home networking experience: personalized, comprehensive, secure and seamless. Deutsche Telekom offers a holistic everyday experience with digital apps for the whole family. All household members can access the app individually and create to-do or shopping lists, for example. Thus, nothing is forgotten and everyone keeps track of everything. Interaction with TVs, routers and home network components ensures reliable high-speed connectivity. And it brings a lot of entertainment as well as many partner products and services.

At MWC Barcelona, ​​​​Deutsche Telekom presents a selection of products and services for the home network. These show visitors how they could shape their daily lives in the future. Among them are use cases already available as commercial products in 2022, such as WLAN Comfort packages. The goal is the better connectivity with routers and mesh repeaters. Also: smart services for a relaxed family life and personalized solutions for parents, children, families and friends.

Making technology sustainable – for all of us

How can technology become more energy efficient to help us fight climate change? To answer it, it is a question of adapting and thinking outside the box. Deutsche Telekom’s goal: to digitize with speed and clear direction and become less dependent on individual vendors and technologies.

At MWC, the company is showcasing what is already possible in Deutsche Telekom’s green network today. Deutsche Telekom will show how network solutions can also be adapted to the future needs of people, businesses and society. Another key topic concerns solutions that pave the way for business customers to enter the circular economy. Or solutions that extend the life of smartphones, tablets and laptops to stop wasting resources.

Technology that charms and disarms

Sensible technology protects the climate and the environment while focusing on the needs of people, businesses and society. At MWC Barcelona, ​​​​Deutsche Telekom shows that technology can also surprise, charm and even disarm. To this end, there is an interactive exhibition called “Human Immersive Experience”. Thanks to it, visitors turn hateful tweets into creativity and color. Anger is followed by joy and pleasure. In this way, Deutsche Telekom sends a clear signal against hate speech and advocates for a hate-free network.

Magenta Keynote

Stay tuned. Claudia Nemat will be live from Barcelona with the ‘Magenta Keynote’ on February 28 at 2:00 p.m. Already from 12:30 p.m., expect a surprise show around Artificial Intelligence as well as the exclusive preview of the newly arranged hit by Robbie Williams “Angels”. Expect the panel discussion with Robbie Williams, “Angels” co-writer Guy Chambers, Matthias Röder (project manager) and Claudia Nemat.

You can follow the stream at www.telekom.com/media.

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