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Digital designer and social media influencer Nadia Shahril Menon shares her obstacles in the industry. – UBJ


Social media has become the most influential and important virtual space in the world today. The platform is not only used for social media, but is also a great way to digitally advertise your brand. Content creators play an important role in promoting a brand through social media. The content you create is strongly linked to the growth of your business. Like all marketing activities, creating well-planned and well-executed content creates a level of trust with your audience.

Nadia Shahril Menon is a content creator who discovered her passion during lockdown and has worked hard ever since. Her work inspires a lot of influencers like her and pushes them to work harder in their content. Nadia sees this as healthy competition, it will only raise the bar and improve the quality of the content creators around her.

Nadia is a Singaporean born in Malaysia. After high school, she did some bookkeeping but later regretted it. She said she really didn’t feel like she was meant to point and count numbers. She felt lost and decided to go for an interview as a cabin crew for Gulf Air and was successful. She was based in Bahrain and met her husband there. Soon they are getting married and have 2 beautiful daughters together. All the while she has worked for businesses, banks and oil companies but still feels like something is missing. After moving to Dubai, the pandemic struck within a few years. TikTok was in her prime around this time and she loved how inspiring content creators were. In the United Arab Emirates, Instagram is a much easier platform to discover and connect with others. Therefore, she decided to start her Instagram influencer journey.

Speaking of the obstacles she faces in the industry, she talks about the barter system. Some influencers like the idea of ​​bartering or services in exchange for collaboration and some would rather get paid for it. Due to the pandemic, the number of influencers has increased and many of them are accepting barter for everything. This greatly affects the influencer market as brands prefer to opt for no-cost collaborations.

Content creation and influence takes a lot of time and work. Nadia says a 30-second video can take days. It starts with brainstorming the idea, setting up and collecting the necessary materials, choosing a filming location, preparing the outfit, hair and makeup, filming and editing, and the compliance with the directives given by the brand / agency. It is only fair to be paid for all the hard work. Sadly, there is still not much clarity or awareness in the designer world, at least for the UAE. She and other influencers are on their own and stumble most of the time. This is another challenge facing Nadia.

Asked about her secret to success, she says there is no secret. Hard work and consistency are key to the social media game. On site, as you go, learn and observe other creators. You shouldn’t be afraid to stand out and be different in your field. The public likes to see new things and not copies of other creations. Engagement is also key, reach out to your followers and other influencers around you for help. Nadia always tries to keep up with current trends and create content. The more content you create, the more you allow yourself to be exposed to brands and you increase the chances of being discovered in the mass of content on social networks.

Asked what advice she wants to give to aspiring content creators, she says just be yourself. It’s easier to be consistent and accessible to your audience this way. Believe in yourself and you are halfway there. You can do whatever you want when you are confident in your abilities. Learning is a journey, there is always something new to discover, especially in the digital world. And don’t let others put you down or judge you. The only one who has the right to judge you is the Almighty.

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