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Dynasty 11 Studios Announces Social Media Foray With Player 2 Platform For Gamers


PHILADELPHIA, PA/ACCESSWIRE/May 24, 2022/ Dynasty 11 Studios, a Philadelphia-based diversified video game and app development company founded by CEO and creative director Colin Johnson, has announced plans to launch a new social networking and team building app for gamers. . This announcement comes as the game continues to grow in popularity, with the total number of players worldwide expected to surpass 3 billion by 2022. As more people become gamers, they are looking for ways to connect with like-minded people. can explore their new passion for gaming with. Dynasty 11’s app, which will be called Player 2, aims to bring players together and create strong, lasting bonds between players.

Dynasty 11: a new name in the game

As a massive, highly lucrative and still fairly young industry, there are plenty of opportunities for innovative and progressive companies. Comprised of an enthusiastic team of ambitious and highly collaborative professionals, Dynasty 11 strives to make the gaming industry more inclusive and opportunistic through its social networking and team building app, Player 2.

The Player 2 app was designed to solve the game’s most notorious problem: toxicity. The team faces head-on the insidious “boys club” and critical time culture that plagues game developers by cultivating an inclusive and balanced workplace culture. Creatively, Dynasty 11 Studios functions as a think tank, where ideas are developed and refined until they reach their optimum form. These foundational elements position Dynasty 11 Studios as an industry-shaking vehicle for innovation, transparency, and creative excellence.

Like all businesses, Dynasty 11 faced challenges in growing a business and developing a first-generation product. However, with the enthusiastic enthusiasm of Colin Johnson at the helm, the team sees every challenge as an opportunity to find a unique solution.

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Enter player 2

Player 2 is a social networking and team building platform for gamers. Whether a gamer needs teammates to perform an immediate activity, wants to make new friends to play with, or wants to join or start a gaming community, “Gamer’s Companion App” is designed to meet the many needs of a player. Player 2’s main feature is its compatibility matchmaking. After completing a playstyle survey, users swipe left or right on potential teammate matches generated by a matchmaking algorithm. Another key feature of Player 2 is Playgrounds, an expanded hybrid chatroom/forum section that offers unparalleled support for gaming communities, developers, streamers and media. Player 2 also offers additional features including a “Party Finder” section that allows users to find teammates for immediate activities, Messaging to facilitate easy and secure communication with Player 2’s friends, and finally Game Hub , the scrolling focal point of all players. favorite game content.

Partnering with Drexel University to put Philadelphia on the game and app development map

After the successful development of Player 2 over the year alongside Dynasty 11 partner Drexel University, the project culminated in the permanent hiring of three Drexel University students on the team and the Player 2 is expected to release in the second half of 2022. Player 2 is now in Alpha Testing on App Store and Google Play.

Dynasty 11’s partnership with Drexel will continue to grow over the next school year, with the company sponsoring several Drexel student teams. This is just part of Dynasty 11’s commitment to growing its business in Philadelphia; the company embodies the characteristics that make the Philly business unique and hopes to help put Philly on the map as a growing hub for video game and app development.

Meet the CEO

As a leader, founder and CEO, Colin Johnson is an open-minded collaborator, keen to capitalize on opportunities at the right time for his business. He has worked with major organizations such as Blackstone LaunchPad, Comcast LIFTLabs, SCORE, AWS Activate, and Duane Morris, as well as local universities, early-stage game development companies (via the Player 2 Partner Program) and outstanding young professionals.

Learn more about Dynasty 11 Studios at https://dynasty11.com/. Contact [email protected].

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