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Elon Musk’s social media comments grab everyone’s attention


Aside from Musk’s bittersweet relationship with Twitter and his failed attempts to create a credible website or satirical content company, building a social media company is no small feat. Musk certainly has fairly deep pockets to fund one, but a social media platform is a long-term investment game that needs a sustainable business model to anchor it. It would also need a team of experienced product managers and engineers to create something different, but compelling enough to get people to ditch Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. In addition to these challenges, Musk would need a group of influencers to sign up, so their fans and followers would be inspired to join with their own accounts.

Many alternative social media platforms have popped up over the years, but none have managed to make a lasting impact. Yik Yak, Friendster, Meerkat, Rumble and Gettr are just a few of the names that have tried their luck on social media and failed. Even giants like Google and Apple have struggled to make a lasting impression with products like Google+ and iTunes Ping, respectively. Speak has been making waves recently, but instead managed to get kicked out of the App Store before returning with a few changes in tow. Truth Social, the brainchild of former President Donald Trump who promised a censorship-free online space for debates, is also hurt, struggling to persuade even its most enthusiastic fans to join and use the service regularly. Musk’s talk of creating his own social media platform sounds ambitious at best, and trying to eclipse Twitter may prove to be even more of a lunar challenge than launching actual rockets.