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Ethan Klein reacts to Triller founder accusing him of harassment with fake accounts


H3H3’s Ethan Klein is in another row with Triller – this time with the company founder, who accuses him of harassment using a litany of alleged fake social media troll accounts.

Ethan Klein and Triller go back a long way – well, at least a few months ago. The YouTuber’s first encounter with The Company, a social networking service behind Jake’s fight with Askren, began after Klein featured a clip of the fight on his podcast earlier this year.

Triller then informed Klein, as well as anyone else who shared footage of the match “illegally,” that they would pursue a $ 100 million lawsuit against them … which Triller said had around two million pirated streams.

Klein was shocked by the news, saying he “hadn’t reposted or hacked” the fight in a now-deleted tweet. He appeared to laugh at Triller’s legal threats, arguing that he used a 45-second clip of the fight, which he said was fair use five days after the event.

Central District of California

Ethan Klein of H3H3 was among the defendants named in Triller’s $ 100 million lawsuit.

Triller’s Ryan Kavanaugh accuses Ethan Klein of using troll accounts to harass him

That’s not all … Triller ended up filing a new complaint against Klein shortly after, accusing him of trying to “defame” the company on his podcast.

Now, a few months after the fact, Triller founder Ryan Kavanaugh is raising the issue again. This time, accusing Klein of having created several anonymous troll accounts to harass him on social networks.

Ryan Kavanaugh Trial H3H3 Triller Ethan Klein
YouTube: the H3 podcast

H3H3 didn’t hesitate to fight Triller in their copyright infringement lawsuit.

The drama took place on Instagram, where Kavanaugh responded to a particularly trolling comment that said he looked like he was “battling a number of skin conditions.”

“Why are you using a fake account, Ethan?” Kavanaugh replied. “Anyone can see it’s a troll account. Really pretty desperate.

Ethan Klein mocks Kavanaugh’s harassment allegations

It appears Klein eagerly accepts the accusations, mocking Kavanaugh’s response in a tweet that read, “Ryan Kavanaugh slandering Ethan in comments” with an angry face emoji.

“Impossible,” Klein added. “I was playing Final Fantasy XIV at the time.”

Regardless of this ongoing legal catfight, it doesn’t look like Klein is allowing himself to be intimidated and is happy to dismiss all accusations leveled at him.

Reaching level 80 in FFXIV is a time consuming task, after all.


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