Home Networking company FirstNet will be deployed to 15 Air Force bases – GCN

FirstNet will be deployed to 15 Air Force bases – GCN


FirstNet will be deployed to 15 Air Force bases

FirstNet, the broadband wireless broadband communications network designed for public safety, will now provide service to 15 Air Force bases.

Under the 21-year agreement, the bases will be able to support continuous voice, data and video communications, interoperability with existing land mobile radio assets as well as secure and interoperable communications between the first base responders and local public security personnel.

Users will have access to FirstNet’s priority and preemption services on the LTE 14 band spectrum as well as all of AT & T’s commercial LTE spectrum bands. FirstNet will provide Air Force bases with turn-to-core encryption so that all traffic is automatically secured as it navigates to different parts of the network.

FirstNet now covers 2.7 million square kilometers and has an improved 5G core. Plus, it’s built to strict specifications and public safety requirements, unlike commercial networks, AT&T said in its announcement.

“When off-base first responders take charge of on-base responses, they will benefit from these coverage enhancements,” Lance Spencer, executive vice president defense client for AT&T Public Sector and FirstNet, told Air Force Magazine. “Key command and operations posts will also be able to access this network.”

Spencer said the company aims to deploy FirstNet to all Air Force and Space Force bases.

Last year, the Air Force worked with AT&T to test 5G networking capabilities as a service at three bases, where the company also provided backbone, wide area network, telephony, access Internet and secure interoperability with existing systems. at all three bases, company officials said at the time.

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