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Google Cloud will raise prices for storage and data services


Google Cloud warned customers on Monday that a series of price increases for its infrastructure services will take effect on October 1.

The cloud provider adds new data replication and network egress fees and, in some cases, for cold row storage operations, for example, doubles its prices.

Sachin Gupta, vice president and general manager of Google Cloud Infrastructure, linked the changes to the cloud provider’s infrastructure investments over the past few years. Google Cloud has struggled to break even over the past few years as it tries to catch AWS and Microsoft.

“They’re also designed to better align with how other major cloud providers charge for similar products, so customers can more easily compare services between major cloud providers,” Gupta written in a blog post today. Google Cloud declined further comment.

The new default data replication charges are part of the new storage charges for Google Cloud services that were previously free. Google Cloud will also begin charging network egress charges for reading data to a cloud storage bucket in a multi-region from a Google Cloud service in a region on the same continent.

New options and capabilities for a wider variety of workloads, meanwhile, will give customers more choice in how they pay for storage, compute and networking services, according to Gupta.

As Google Cloud raises prices for its standard persistent disk (PD) snapshot storage, it plans to roll out a new lower cost archive snapshot option for PD in the second half of this year which will have the same functionality, including incremental chains, compression and encryption. This would allow compliance/archiving use cases to be charged less than compute-intensive DevOps workloads, Google Cloud said.

Here’s a look at some of the other notable price changes. Clients who sign or renew a contract of engagement with a fixed or floating discount before October 1st. won’t be impacted by price changes until they renew, according to Google Cloud.

Google Cloud Storage Price Changes

  • Google Cloud will increase the amount of its Always Free Internet egress from 1 GB per month to 100 GB per month to each eligible egress destination
  • Convenience Storage and Archive Storage Prices Will Rise Across US, EU, and Asia Multi-Regions
  • Coldline Storage Prices Will Rise in the Asia Multi-Region
  • Prices for standard storage and proximity storage will increase in both regions NAM4, EUR4 and ASIA1
  • Coldline storage pricing will decrease in NAM4 and EUR4 dual regions and increase in ASIA1 dual region
  • Archive storage will decrease in NAM4, EUR4 and ASIA1 dual regions
  • Class B Coldline storage operations and Class A operations in regions will double

PD snapshot pricing

  • Pricing for regional snapshots and multi-regional storage will drop from $0.026 per GB per month to $0.05 per GB per month
  • Multi-regional snapshot storage price will increase from $0.026 per month to $0.065 per month
  • Snapshots will have a minimum billing period of one hour

Cloud Load Balancing

  • Google Cloud will begin charging outbound data processing fees of $0.008 to $0.012 per GB, depending on a specific region, for all cloud load balancing products to “maintain consistency and alignment with the variable costs of services in our cloud load balancing portfolio”.

Network topology

  • Google Cloud will introduce a new payload for its Network Topology visualization tool that originally launched as a free service. The price – $0.0011 per resource hour – will include the Network Intelligence Center performance dashboard at no additional cost.