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NEW YORK, May 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Guardforce AI Co., Limited (“Guardforce AI” or the “Company”) (GFAI, Financial)(GFAIW, Financial), an integrated security solutions provider, today announced that Handshake Networking Limited (“Handshake”), a subsidiary of the company, has developed an automated marine scanning service designed to address major security vulnerabilities in the marine industry. maritime transport. The Company also announced the launch of this new service with one of the world’s leading global container ship operators based in Hong Kong.

Handshake Networking is a leading information security service provider, with experience in providing network security solutions, including penetration testing, to multinational corporations since 2004. Vulnerability and cyberattack assessment on vessels at sea is complex, as these vessels move unpredictably between the supplier network. However, the new service, provided by the company under a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, addresses these vulnerabilities by allowing vessel operators to plan safety scans, adapt to unpredictable changes of the network and speed up the response time to a ship, even in the middle of the ocean. Once the scan is complete, the ship operator receives a report showing all exposed services and vulnerabilities. This scanning platform offers global coverage and is hosted in the company’s cloud environment.

Based on recent maritime fleet statistics from the UK Department for Transport, at the end of 2021 there were approximately 63,000 commercial vessels in service worldwide. Each of these ships contains complex computer systems to manage engines, fuel and navigation, as well as email, software updates and access to cloud applications. Connecting to global networks via satellite and cellular data is essential; however, this multiple network connectivity makes ships vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Terence Yap, President of Guardforce AI, said, “We are delighted to announce the launch of our automated marine scanning platform with one of the world’s leading container ship operators. Prior to our selection, our new automated marine scanning service was highly rated by this customer, providing strong validation of the robustness of this cyber intelligence offering and application within the shipping industry. industry, more and more global shipping companies have realized the economic impact of cybercrime and the need for effective solutions Cybersecurity solutions are more urgent than ever, as regulations from the International Maritime Organization require that all ships and ships around the world include cyber risk management in their safety management systems in accordance with the international safety management (ISM) code. unprecedented threat to the stry maritime industry, as well as to the global community, and we expect demand for our solutions to continue to grow.

Richard Stagg, Managing Director of Handshake, said: “International logistics are a prime target for cyberattacks and threats directed at ships can affect crew, cargo and even ports, as well as the smooth running of operations. ships. With our SasS offering, we can provide our customers with a truly cost-effective solution that encourages frequent security checks. With over 17 years of experience as an information security service provider, Handshake is well positioned to effectively assess information security even on container ships, despite technical constraints. We look forward to accelerating the commercial deployment of our marine scanning service, which we believe will play an invaluable role in defending businesses and critical infrastructure worldwide.

About Guardforce AI Co. Ltd.

Guardforce AI Co.Ltd. (GFAI, Financial)(GFAIW, Financial) is a global integrated security solutions provider focused on developing robotic solutions and information security services that complement its well-established secure logistics business. With over 40 years of professional experience, Guardforce AI is a trusted brand that protects and transports high-value assets owned by public and private sector organizations. Guardforce AI develops and delivers innovative technologies and services that enhance security and protection. For more information, visit www.guardforceai.com.

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