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How to Save Money on Netflix


Here’s a fun activity: Check your emails and see if you can find your first Netflix bill.

Mine was $8 a month. That was just over 10 years ago, mind you, when the service was streaming a hodgepodge of existing content and hadn’t yet gone all-in on the original offerings. But it was much more affordable than my last $20 bill.

Yes, Netflix packages keep getting more expensive. Some price-conscious people are canceling it, which has become a big deal for Netflix and has played a part in its current stock price crisis. However, there are ways to save a few bucks here and there without giving up service.

Downgrade your plan

First, a reminder about service levels. Netflix currently offers three different packages: Basic, Standard, and Premium.

All three plans have the same content. The big differences are the visual quality and the number of devices on which you can stream and download content at the same time.

As you can see from the table above, the basic $10 per month plan is worth considering if you’re the only one watching Netflix. The main caveat here is that the content is streamed at 480p resolution, which is these days. . . well let’s say disappointingto be a diplomat.

The right thing to do would be to offer these shows and movies in 720p, the basic version of high definition, but no: we get what is amusingly called “standard definition”, even if, according to the standards of 2022, it is quite below the standard. by.

Still, give it a try to see if you can handle the quality. If so, $10 for Netflix is ​​a wheel of a deal.

Now, the mid-tier offering – the Standard plan at $15.49 per month – is what I think is the sweet spot here. You get content in 1080p (full HD), which can be streamed on two devices at once, and I can’t discern the difference in quality between this plan and the $20 per month Premium plan.

I also have a 4K TV, which should take advantage of Ultra HD content from the Premium plan. However, not all Netflix content is even available in Ultra HD, only certain shows and movies.

That being said, I switch between Standard and Premium quite regularly. Why? Because I have too many children (three, to be exact). We just took a road trip, and to download content to their three tablets, I needed the Premium plan, which allows streaming and downloads to up to four devices. We just got home, and I put us back in Standard.

To change plans, go to Netflix.com/ChangePlan, then choose your new plan and follow the instructions.

T-Mobile customer? You could get it for free

T-Mobile offers a “Netflix on Us” sweetener with some of its cell phone plans. If you’re already a T-Mobile subscriber or planning to switch anyway, this is something to check out.

With the single-line Magenta Max phone plan, which starts at $85 per month, you can get Netflix Standard at home. If you add another line, the Magenta Max plan goes up to $140 per month and gives you access to the Netflix Standard plan. Various other multiline plans offer Netflix Basic or Netflix Standard as part of the package.

Visit this page on the T-Mobile site for more details.

Put your plan on hold

I’m cheap, so I do this stuff all the time. If there’s nothing we’re currently rushing on Netflix or we’re going on vacation for a few weeks, I’ll just cancel our plan.

When you cancel your plan, which can be done in seconds at Netflix.com/CancelPlan, your real account will remain intact for 10 months. So if and when you decide to re-register, everything is still right there where you left it. All your likes, dislikes, watched shows, and that sort of thing.

I warn you that if you have a young child, you will not be able to shoot this round. It’s because he or she is hopelessly addicted to CoComelonand Netflix has five seasons of CoComelon. In a pinch, you can find sporadic episodes on Amazon Prime or YouTube, so maybe you can try rolling the dice there. Good luck!