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Inside the fall of Kylie Cosmetics


Fans of Keeping Up With The Kardashians are convinced that Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics brand is falling apart amid a recent relaunch attempt.

Kylie Jenner from keeping up with the Kardashians recently relaunched Kylie Cosmetics, and fans believe the beauty brand is less successful. Kylie used billboards and social media ads as part of the company’s rebranding strategy. The relaunch came after an acquisition by Coty Cosmetics and a year of plummeting sales during the pandemic. Now fans are wondering if the beauty mogul is struggling to compete due to the decline of some popular beauty gurus on YouTube.

Despite the success of Kylie Cosmetics, the reality TV star has faced a lot of criticism from the public. Many have accused Kylie of fabricating her product sales and the value of her business, running cheesy ads and damaging the brand’s appeal due to her alleged use of filters. In May, sources shared details of the overhaul the company underwent after the pandemic disrupted Kylie Cosmetics revenue. With more people staying indoors and wearing face masks on the go, the use of lip kits and other makeup products has declined. Since the unveiling of the brand’s relaunch on July 16, viewers have commented on how Kylie’s cosmetics brand has reportedly lost its cachet.

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A reviewer recently took to Reddit wonder if the fall of Kylie Cosmetics “is linked to the downfall of the YT beauty gurus?“After noting how”unpopular“people think Kylie’s beauty mark has become”,because her makeup is no longer in fashion “, The Redditor explained how the downfall of some popular beauty influencers on YouTube affected Kylie Cosmetics’ marketing strategy. “Kylie would invite them to throw parties and send them PR packages and they’d go over her makeup a lot,The fan explained. The promotion of her brand by influencers has helped persuade many young girls and women to buy Kylie Cosmetics. However, “Manny, Jeffrey, James and like all beauty gurus have all had several problematic scandals,“noted the Redditor.”They aren’t as popular anymore and can’t really convince teenage girls to rush out and buy Kylie cosmetics,“they added.

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Others have joined the thread with suggestions for Kylie Cosmetics and criticism aimed at the reality TV star’s outdated marketing tactics. While Kylie still resorts to posting steamy photos on Instagram and showcasing her brand in her Instagram story, it looks like she’s missing out on millions of makeup users on other networking platforms. social. “Gen Z would go crazy for KC if they dissolve their lip fillers and start promoting their makeup on TikTok with products designed to give that soap-like look to eyebrows and fake freckles etc. “ one person said. Many others agreed with the suggestion and shared how Kylie trying a more natural look would impress them.

A Reddit user said they were “imagine Kylie changing her aesthetic to be more natural,“and expressed how”exciting“They think it would. In the past, the Kar-Jenners have been accused of using Reddit feeds to plan their rebranding strategies. Hopefully Kylie’s keeping up with the Kardashians pay attention to her beauty brand discussion threads and take notes. At first glance, people want to see her take on a more natural look and use other social media brands to reach a younger audience.

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Source: Reddit

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