Home Networking service IP Telecom partners with Nokia to extend the fiber optic network in Portugal

IP Telecom partners with Nokia to extend the fiber optic network in Portugal


IP Telecom has chosen Nokia to extend its fiber optic network in Portugal, enabling the operator to provide highly secure fiber optic Data Center Interconnect (DCI) cloud connectivity between metropolitan areas.

As data theft becomes more and more common, IP Telecom has called on Nokia to provide a network solution comprising multiple wavelengths of 100 Gbps and 200 Gbps, protected by encryption and secured against quantum computer attacks .

IP Telecom, which operates three large data centers in Portugal (Lisbon, Porto and Viseu) will be able to improve the data security of each customer. The network expansion extends to additional nodes nationwide, increasing the operator’s access to customer locations via additional 100 Gbps and 200 Gbps encrypted wavelengths, Nokia said in a statement. . declaration.

Additionally, the network will be ready to provide 400GE services in the future.

Nokia solutions include:

  • Nokia 1830 Photonics Service Switch (PSS) – It allows you to quickly deploy services, reduce network total cost of ownership, and extend network lifecycles. The 1830 PSS platforms transform traditional DWDM into a flexible transport layer with capabilities such as 100G 600G transport wavelengths, wavelength-agile routing and scalable multi-layer switching and services.
  • Nokia 1830 Photonics Service Interconnect – Modular (PSI-M) – It provides flexible, modular and scalable optical network solutions for Data Center Interconnect (DCI) applications.
  • Nokia 1830 SMS Secure Management Server – It supports centralized key management for the entire cryptographic lifecycle of each encrypted service. Using a powerful processor and a security-enhanced operating system, it generates the quantum security keys from the physical entropy spawned to perform the encryption, ensuring that every end customer is protected from attack. unauthorized exploitation of data in the fiber optic network.

“Nokia’s modular optical network solution allows us to easily upgrade each customer’s DCI cloud as needed and, at the same time, alleviate data protection concerns. Encryption capabilities are a differentiator for us,” said Pedro Mendonca, IP & Telcos Director at IP Telecom.