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‘Liberty Times’ Most Popular Local News Source: Poll

  • By Cheng Wei-chi and William Hetherington/staff reporter, with a staff writer

The Chinese-language Liberty Times (sister newspaper of the Taipei Times) print newspaper and mobile app are the most popular news sources in Taiwan, according to a survey released Saturday by Shih Hsin University.

The survey, conducted by the university’s College of Journalism and Communication, found that the Liberty Times is the most widely read print newspaper and mobile news app among Taiwanese residents, ahead of apps produced by the Central News Agency (CNA) and SETN.

Those who follow the news avidly tend to watch television news most often (56.8%), followed by social media news sources (18%), news websites (13.9 %), mobile applications (4.1%) and printed newspapers (2.6%). ), the results showed.

Photo: Taipei Times

Respondents viewed social media as the most common source of fake news.

Of the students at Shih Hsin University – which is best known for its journalism and communications programs – who responded, 29.7% used social media platforms to access news, 21.4% used news websites, while 15.4% got their news from TV, 9.7% from apps and 0.7% from print newspapers.

Most members of the public who responded got their news from television, with 28% watching TVBS, 15.6% watching Formosa Television, 13.4% watching EBC News, 11.5% watching SETN and 7.2% watching CTV.

Of the students surveyed, 33% watched TVBS, 15% watched EBC News, 13.7% watched SETN, 11.1% watched TTV and 5.7% watched CTV.

Most respondents who read print newspapers read the Liberty Times (41.9%), followed by the United Daily News in Chinese at 25.9% and the China Times in Chinese at 11.9%.

The Liberty Times was also the most read newspaper among students (40.9%), followed by the United Daily News at 22.7%.

The Liberty Times app was the most popular news app among audience members at 42%, followed by the CNA app at 26% and the SET app at 18%.

The results showed that among students, 35.9% used the ETtoday Starlight Cloud app most often, followed by the CNA app and Apple Daily app at 10% each, and the Liberty Times app at 4. 1%.

Of those who read news online, 23.4% used the CNA website, 23.1% used the EBC site, 19.9% ​​used the United Daily News site, and 15.3% used the Liberty Times.

Students who read news online mainly read EBC News (43.7%), while 20.3% use United Daily News, 11.7% use CNA and 8.1% use Liberty Times.

Most people who read their news on social media used Facebook (66.1%), followed by YouTube (30.2%) and the online bulletin board Professional Technology Temple (2.6%).

Among students, the top three sources of information on social media were Instagram, YouTube and Dcard.

Overall, the results showed that news apps and websites are the most trusted sources of information among students and the public.

Asked which news source they think is most influential, members of the public said they broadcast TV news for themselves and advertising for others, while most students said they were most influenced by print publications, but the rest were most influenced by advertising.

The results showed that most members of the public (77.3%) regularly follow the news and 67% are most concerned about the COVID-19 pandemic, said Kang Li-ping (康力平), assistant professor at Shih Hsin University, which commissioned the survey. .

Kang said he and his research team will examine the influences behind young people’s media content choices and their opinions on print media.

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