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Lip Service – Mikkeller encounters ‘chaotic situation’ as brewery focuses on HR issues, not voices of survivors – Happy Beer Hunting


The second meeting, which took place on October 25, was moderated by Amanda McLamb, co-founder of Resident Culture Brewing Co. in Charlotte, North Carolina, who said she was leading the discussion “to hold [Mikkeller] and the responsible brewing industry. Corn who should define responsibility or justice and whether this has been achieved in such cases is an open question. In a recording of the meeting provided to Good Beer Hunting, McLamb begins by describing the format of the event and calling the previous meeting a “failure.” McLamb did not respond to interview requests from Good Beer Hunting.

The top priority, McLamb said, was to answer participants’ questions and then share Mikkeller’s action plan, which could be adopted by other breweries to tackle workplace harassment. In an email sent 24 hours before registrants for the event, attendees were invited to submit questions in advance via an online form. While this allowed for more dialogue than the previous meeting, it still wasn’t the direct in-person engagement with Mikkeller that the brewery made. said he would participate in since the summer. Mikkeller representatives who answered questions were Bjergsø, Madsen, Mikkeller’s human resources manager, Thilde Tobiesen, and Ditte Lassen-Kahlke, whom the meeting invitation identified as Mikkeller’s board chair. but whose LinkedIn lists her as general counsel for Mikkeller, the brewery’s main legal voice. .

It is not clear if each question submitted was asked and answered. The first submitted question that McLamb read was, “Why does Mikkeller decide which questions to answer?” Shouldn’t it be the moderator or a third party group to decide what is relevant to the agenda for this session? ”

Lassen-Kahlke replied that Mikkeller intended to answer all the questions submitted, and that is why a moderator was asked to read, review and ask them.

The questions asked covered topics such as:

  • How the company will investigate allegations of wrongdoing that have circulated on social media but may or may not have been brought directly to the attention of the brewery.

  • How the brewery plans to tackle harassment that may have been perpetrated by employees who have since left the company.

  • How Bjergsø’s statements to the Danish media having misinterpreted aspects of the situation.

Madsen has mentioned on several occasions that Mikkeller investigates all misconduct that comes to the attention of the company and has “widened the network” to speak to as many former employees as possible, including those who did not. not experienced harassment. He did not clarify methods of action or a timetable for sharing the results.

While the format of the second meeting allowed for more questions from Mikkeller representatives, one attendee told Good Beer Hunting that there were fewer attendees at the second meeting than the first, estimating about 30 in total, in person. and virtually.

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