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National Weather Service investigates tornado damage at Montgomery Co., finds multiple locations affected


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ) – As Tim Simpkins examined the damage to Montgomery County left by Tuesday’s storm, he is thankful things weren’t worse.

“Just the fence line – an electric fence goes under these trees and we keep the cattle out of the woods, and you can just see it has destroyed a lot of big, big old trees that’s been here for years. He basically touched here; looks like they’ve done a lot of damage to the woods. Thank goodness the lesson, no damage to the house, ”said Tim Simpkins.

The storm also destroyed part of the roof of a barn and left scattered tree branches.

“Well, I heard and it’s part of life, you know. In the season and the biblical times there will be storms, earthquakes and various places so we see it all happening all the time, ”Simpkins said.

The Simpkins property was one of several National Weather Service (NWS) surveys in Blacksburg the morning after the storm. The team followed their path – replenishing their impact.

“If there has been damage from a severe thunderstorm or tornado, it will really help build climatology and understand the climatology of weather conditions in southwest Virginia,” said Phil Hysell of the NWS from Blacksburg.

However, experts say they are not surprised that a tornado may have touched down briefly.

“We were aware of the weather conditions. Anytime you have the remnants of a tropical system, you have a lot of what we call windshear in the atmosphere, which just means the winds turn with height, and when you have those conditions in place. , you have several. .the gradients in place to be able to produce tornadoes, so that was something we expected. And while they’re not common in this region, remnants of tropical systems are one of the scenarios where you see the potential for tornadoes, ”Hysell said.

The storm’s track took them south along the Tyler Road area, as well as northeast to Christiansburg near Peppers Ferry Rd., And even north of Blacksburg.

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