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Newborn Town’s social apps reflect cultural diversity with recent colorful LGBTQ events


HONG KONG, Aug. 3, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Recently, Newborn Town Inc. launched an online event called LGBT Elders Day on its live streaming social media app, MICO, for users of Europe and United States, where some streamers dressed like Drag Queens, or colored their faces rainbow and wore clothes with rainbow elements to express themselves courageously. The event allowed LGBTQ to voice their opinions and others to understand LGBTQ communities.

MICO is a social app of Newborn Town Inc., which is the leading social networking company focused on the global market of China. It also has several social networking apps with distinctive video and audio labels, including Yumy, Yiyo, and YoHo, which together form an online social networking platform for global users to communicate freely across borders.

Among these applications, Newborn Town Inc. advocated a positive social entertainment philosophy, which led to the formation of a healthy social environment with a diverse culture, cares about different communities, a free exchange of ideas. Thus, users can express themselves courageously.

Newborn Town Inc. respects LGBTQ communities to seek equal rights. Its social networking platform fostered in-depth communication and mutual understanding between different communities, which fostered a harmonious social relationship.

In this regard, Newborn Town Inc. has organized a multitude of relevant events. In addition to LGBT Seniors Day, MICO also hosted live themed events such as Pride Day this year, which advocated individual equality and the idea of ​​speaking out with courage. Many users of the app participated in the online discussions by expressing their views and personalities, as well as making friends through the exchange of ideas.

Besides LGBTQ events, the company’s social networking apps have also promoted various themed events for people from different regions and fields. For example, there have been home fitness events for European and American users during the COVID-19 outbreak, from online carnival campaigns to Brazil, Chinese cheongsam show at South East Asia Regions. There were also other events for special reasons, such as the MICO Queen Qualifier which was held every year in the Middle East to advance care and respect for local women.

Newborn Town Inc. has promoted cultural exchange around the world with a series of events. He has successfully brought together different groups of people who have formed a multicultural audio and video social networking community, built a harmonious online environment for global cultures. In the first half of this year, Newborn Town Inc.’s social networking applications totaled more than 250 million downloads worldwide.


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