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Nokia Wins 5G World Award for Most Innovative Machine Learning Software Product


AWS shares that the new features are designed to provide agents with the right information at the right time to answer customer questions faster, provide fast and secure caller authentication, and make communicating with customers easier and more efficient.

The three new abilities are based on more than 130 new Amazon Login price reductions, features and enhancements offered by AWS since the launch of Amazon Connect.

Real-Time Agent Support (Now Available to Everyone): Amazon Connect Wisdom gives agents immediate access to product and service information to resolve customer issues when actively chatting with customers.

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When used with Contact Lens for Amazon Connect, Amazon Connect Wisdom leverages machine learning-based voice analytics to automatically detect customer issues during calls, then recommend content in real time to help resolve the issue. . Contact Lens for Amazon Connect can detect when a customer says “arrived broken” to an agent, and Amazon Connect Wisdom automatically displays instructions in the Amazon Connect agent app to redeem an item.

Additionally, agents can use Amazon Connect Wisdom to search for answers and troubleshoot customer issues during a conversation. Agents simply type in a question or phrase, and Amazon Connect Wisdom is designed to return the most relevant information and the best answer to handling the customer’s problem.

An agent might type “how can I exchange an item?” and Amazon Connect Wisdom will search for the connected data store and return a response with links to more detailed information.

Caller Authentication (Now Generally Available): Amazon Connect Voice ID provides real-time caller authentication using machine learning-based voice analysis.

With Amazon Connect Voice ID, callers have the ability to authenticate using their voice, which gives them an additional layer of security and saves time answering multiple questions to verify their identity.

When a caller chooses to sign up, Amazon Connect Voice ID uses machine learning to analyze the caller’s voice attributes (for example, pace, pitch, and tone) during the first few seconds of a call. then creates a secure digital voiceprint for the caller. When the customer calls again, Amazon Connect Voice ID compares the caller’s voiceprint to the claimed identity and assigns a trust score, authenticating only if the caller’s score meets the trust score threshold. defined by the organization. If the caller does not meet the threshold, an agent can verify their identity through additional filtering (for example, knowledge-based authentication).
Amazon Connect Voice ID also allows businesses to create a personalized watchlist with audio recordings of known fraudsters and automatically flag suspicious callers to reduce fraud attacks.

High-volume outbound communications (now in preview): New features in Amazon Connect provide contact centers with intelligent, integrated high-volume outbound communications across multiple channels (calls, texts, and emails).

Amazon Connect’s outbound communications for calls, texts and emails now allow organizations to reach millions of customers daily for marketing promotions, appointment reminders and upcoming delivery notifications without having to integrate third-party tools.

Contact center managers can schedule and initiate outbound communications by simply specifying the communication channel, contact list, and content that will be sent to customers. New communication capabilities include a predictive dialer that automatically calls customers from a list, but limits the range based on agent availability. The dialer also uses a machine learning model to distinguish between a live customer, voicemail greeting, or busy signal to increase agent efficiency by ensuring that agents only connect to a live client. High-volume outbound communications give businesses the ability to communicate with their customers through large-scale channels without having to perform difficult and expensive third-party integrations.

Businesses have used the new updates and Amazon has received a positive reception. Here are some of their testimonials:

“As we have grown our customer base and diversified our product offerings, one of our biggest challenges has been to organize relevant information for our agents in real time, so when we heard about Amazon Connect Wisdom, we were delighted ”, declares Traeger Grills Chief Operating Officer Bryan Carey.

“Cloud contact center integrations with other applications and services hosted by AWS will improve agent workflows and reduce training time by allowing us to get the right information to the right agent at the right time. Amazon Connect Voice ID will provide real-time voice authentication to our customers and agents to deliver a frictionless experience, ”said Labcorp director of information and technology Lance Berberian.

“With Amazon Connect, we will have a robust feature set to offer customers so they can improve their reach to patients. We will increase and decrease based on customer demand, providing chatbot technology to our customers so that patients can quickly get answers to simple questions and provide automated communications. Automated communications will make it easier for our clients to inform patients of upcoming appointments or gaps in care, which will improve efficiency and patient satisfaction, ”notes Relative innovation director Kevin montgomery.

“In the beginning, call volumes climbed over 300%. But with Amazon Connect, we’ve responded faster than ever, moving more than 1,000 agents to work from home overnight and introducing queued reminders. After just 20 minutes of work, we pivoted our operations to prioritize the most urgent cases (customers traveling in the next 72 hours) and provided less urgent callers with a fully automated path to resolve their issues, ”explains Price line director of contact center technology Jennifer plume.

“Since then, more than 40 agencies, such as the Department of Health and Child Support Services, have migrated to Amazon Connect because it is quick to implement, easy to use and more cost effective than existing solutions. . It’s better for the public and easier for our employees, ”says Washington DC Government Cynthia Romero’s unified communications engineering office.

“The deployment of the new contact center had a major impact on the overall satisfaction of the students. In an end-of-semester survey conducted by the College of Liberal Arts for the summer and fall of 2020, 84% of students said their technical issues were easy to resolve with online technical support. With Amazon Connect, student wait times also fell to less than 30 seconds to speak to an agent with similar staffing levels, compared to average wait times of more than 15 minutes before implementation ” , Explain University of Texas at Austin Senior Project Manager, Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services Antonino Cummings.

“We leveraged Amazon Connect and Salesforce Service Cloud Voice to create a contact center that can help each customer with tailored support, in their preferred language and time zone. Real-time transcription and integration with Salesforce Service Cloud allows our customer advisors to always provide support, while call analysis helps us measure and improve our customer service, ”says Brunello Cucinelli CEO Francesco Bottigliero.

“When we evaluated our standard ‘Customer Excitement’ metrics, Amazon Connect Chat performed 20% better than our legacy customer service channels, and our first contact resolution rate was over 90% satisfaction. With such good results, we will continue to innovate with Amazon Connect ”, says Sixt Executive Vice President, Network and Client Management Peter Beermann.

“With Amazon Connect, we can now pivot our contact center operations in an instant. We have been able to simplify and speed up our processes and continually improve the customer experience, ”says Morrisons chief technology officer Jordan mclean.

“Amazon Connect has helped us simplify our contact center operations by leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to automate our most common requests. We have also created voice and chat channels to provide customers with a personalized experience, reduce wait times and help resolve customer issues faster, ”says Vodafone Head of digital tools in New Zealand Mark Fitzgerald.

“We worked with our AWS partner, Consegna, to consolidate our contact center in the cloud in just twelve weeks. One of the things we are most excited about is using Contact Lens for Amazon Connect to give agents real-time access to caller data, improving their ability to serve callers, ”says Auckland University cloud transformation program manager Bharat Kochar.

“In a few months, we have completely transformed the experience of our customers who call us. We were able to speed up our wait time by 30%, shorten the duration of interactive voice response calls by 33%, and reduce IVR change handling from 2.5 weeks to five minutes, a difference of 99, 98% ”, declares CI Financial vice-president customer services Lisa running.

“With Amazon Connect’s native dashboards, IMB has a better view of customer data, which helps us design more effective communication strategies and customer-centric workflows. We are now able to update IVR workflows in minutes, a process that would have taken weeks with the previous system, ”explains IMB Bank General manager Robert ryan.

“We have integrated our internal systems, such as our customer relationship management and device performance monitoring, with Amazon Connect to provide a unique experience for our agents. Overall, Amazon Connect gives us more agility to serve our customers. We can proactively deliver messages based on what’s going on in a region, scale to meet demand and anticipate customer needs, so we can direct them to the right agent, more quickly, ”explains Ring neighbor experience leader Jon irwin.

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