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Taco Bell subscription service: we’ve gone too far


I like to think of American fast food chains as a bunch of dysfunctional family members. McDonald’s is the golden boy, the kid who is good at everything and who does not shut up. Burger King is the jealous younger brother. KFC may be the cousin who still wears cargo shorts. And then there’s Taco Bell: the problem kid of fast food.

The fluorescent nacho cheese supplier is just plain weird. I’m not just talking about those tacos with Doritos for the seashells. This is a brand that reportedly spent $ 500 million on an advertising campaign featuring Gidget, a Chihuahua speaking with the slogan “Yo quiero Taco Bell!” A very real slogan on the Taco Bell webpage for its fountain drinks reads: “Taco Bell Cups, Matryoshka Dolls, and the Multiplicity of Human Existence”. (It only gets stranger from there.)

Alas, Taco Bell is starting over. This month, the brand announced the “Taco Lover’s Pass,” which gets you exactly one taco every day for 30 days with a $ 5-10 membership, depending on the store. Right now, Taco Bell is testing the service at 17 locations in Tucson, Arizona, and there are many caveats: the only way to become a Certified Taco Lover is to purchase the pass through the Taco app. Bell; no, sorry, the Chalupa Supreme is not part of the case. A company spokesperson told me that “there is no guarantee” that the subscription service will be available nationwide, “but when it comes to Taco Bell innovation, we don’t. let’s never say never “.

While “Netflix for Tacos” absolutely doesn’t have to be a phrase we’ll all have to endure in the future, I reluctantly admit that it sounds like a good deal. Some of the chain’s qualifying tacos sell for $ 1.99, so if you buy the $ 5 pass and enter three days out of 30, you may more than break even. The most ardent Taco Bell fans are crazy about subscription tacos. “I think so far this might be one of the few perks I’ve had to living in AZ lol,” read a comment on r / livingmas, the Reddit forum for discussing Taco Bell. But even a good deal has its drawbacks. “It’s brilliant marketing. No one with this subscription could live for 30 days ”, joked comedian Larry the Cable Guy on Twitter. (Hey, when he’s right, he’s right.)

For once what Taco Bell is doing here might not be this weird. The brand is far from the first restaurant to make a foray into the subscription economy full of plus signs slapped on names. Last year, the Panera fast-casual chain launched “MyPanera +,” which gives you unlimited coffee and tea for $ 9 a month. The faithful of Panera have gone mad about it: in a few months, some 750,000 people have registered. (A Panera spokesperson told me that subscriptions have continued to increase this year, but won’t give the numbers.) Burger King, Dunkin ‘, Pret a Manger, and BJ’s have all tried the subscriptions.

Before Taco Bell came along, all of these subscriptions were focused on coffee (or in BJ’s case, beer). But some restaurants in white tablecloths have also embarked on the game of subscriptions. When the pandemic banned sit-down meals last year and sent much of the industry’s workforce to jobless lists, places like Republic, Saint Paul, Minnesota, and Gado Gado, in Portland, Oregon, have turned to memberships as an easy way for cash-flush regulars to help shore up their finances.

A lot of people seem to genuinely like the idea. A poll last September found that a majority of New York residents would consider purchasing a restaurant membership, at least in the context of the pandemic, to support their favorite places. But a Taco Bell subscription begs the question: how far are we going with this? All is a subscription now. You can, of course, subscribe to Netflix and Amazon, as well as this magazine. But you can also subscribe to phone cases and puzzles and furniture and seeds and earrings and sex toys. Convenience is nice, but the trend is also in many ways the product of thin bank accounts and too little free time. As my colleague Amanda Mull wrote of the subscription era, “generational insecurity is not an exciting way of life”.

The Taco Bell spokesperson did not answer the question as to why the chain is trying this. Lidija Polutnik, an economist at Babson College who has researched increasing subscriptions, told me that the company may have two main motivations behind its pivot to subscriptions. For one thing, Americans have lots and lots of fast food choices, so a subscription could be a perfect way for the brand to get customers to the door, where they’ll want to wash their taco down with a drink and maybe nachos. . “I find it hard to think that someone would come in 30 days a month and only get a taco,” Polutnik told me. And more fundamentally, Polutnik said, these cheap subscriptions allow Taco Bell to track a lot of valuable data on what exactly its customers want, when, and how often.

Restaurant subscriptions aren’t such a safe bet that every restaurant you love (or hate) is destined to have one soon. Burger King and Dunkin ‘both ended their coffee subscriptions shortly after launch. But the explosion of subscription services is a sign of greater fate. With subscription tacos, Taco Bell is going from a bizarre restaurant chain to a bizarre tech company. The same is true of its competitors and, indeed, all of corporate America. Taco Bell copies the Netflix playbook because the way to survive in business is to copy the trends and practices of Silicon Valley. Of course, this can make our life easier. (Lord knows the difficulty of buying tacos without a subscription.) But the end point of technology supporting all facets of consumers’ lives is that the same nuisances of automatic renewals, buggy apps, data tracking and so many other problems are no longer just problems of the tech industry. They are all problems. Someone please let me know when we get Chipotle +.

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Cisco Predicts a Bright Future for Network, Application, and Hybrid Work Technologies


At a large investor day conference, Cisco executives described what they described as a total market of $ 900 billion of high-profile technology targets that the network giant expects to deliver. ‘it will be a dominant force in its development over the next four years.

These goals include the six areas that Cisco has grown into over the past two years, including Agile Networks, Optimized Applications, Hybrid Work, Internet of the Future, End-to-End Security, and Enabling Capabilities. in edge networking, but also other areas such as cloud security, hybrid cloud, IoT and more.

“We have built a portfolio designed for the modern world and driven compelling new innovations from Cisco Plus and the Webex suite to Silicon One and Secure X, some examples of key technologies we have delivered over the past few years,” said Chuck Robbins, CEO of Cisco.

“This is also just the start, as we continue to focus on full stack observability, cloud native technologies, SASE and many other areas, and deliver more innovation in the months and months. coming years. The opportunity before us is immense, we see enormous potential for growth and we are well positioned for the years to come, ”said Robbins.

Robbins said he expects the company’s overall revenue to grow 5% to 7% over the next four fiscal years, with up to 50% of that revenue coming from subscriptions – subscriptions accounted for 44% of Cisco’s business in its fiscal year that ended in July.

The company said its software growth made it one of the largest software companies in the world, a point it reiterated this week.

To help investors get a better idea of ​​Cisco’s software growth, Cisco CFO Scott Herren said the company will soon start releasing new financial metrics to track developments.

Beyond software, Robbins noted a number of key technological developments he is excited about, including the ability for applications to automatically reroute traffic based on network and resource requirements and corporate 5G network services. , as well as the development of 400 Gbit / s networks for businesses and service providers.

Cisco announced last quarter that its 400G port sales were up 668%, and for the year, 400G port orders were up 831%, ”Robbins said. “We have over 400 customers who have deployed and we have taken orders for almost 180,000 ports in total. “

“A number of critical trends and transitions are converging right now: hybrid work, hybrid cloud, web scale, cloud security, 5G, WiFi 6 and 400G, full-stack observability, IoT and Edge. These are all positive winds for Cisco as we improve the digital agility of our customers, ”said Robbins. “With the depth and breadth of our hardware, software, silicon and optical solutions, we believe we have what it takes to help businesses adopt modern application architectures, move to hybrid work and hybrid cloud, to secure their business, as well as help achieve their ESG [environmental, social, and governance] goals. “

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TikTok down: Isn’t TikTok working today? Comments do not display glitch hits


UPDATE: TikTok Twitter support said normal service is expected to revert to the hugely popular iOS and Android app soon.

Earlier in the evening, thousands of TikTok users reported issues accessing comments and stats.

Responding to these reports in a recent update, the Twitter @TikTokSupport posted, “We are aware that some people have experienced app issues earlier today. We are working on a fix and your experience should return to the normal”.

ORIGINAL: TikTok down reports are pouring in today, with thousands of users of the popular social networking site having problems.

Independent outage monitor Down Detector recorded a huge spike in TikTok outage reports today, which began around a quarter to quarter past seven UK time.

At the time of writing, Down Detector UK has recorded a peak of over 6,000 TikTok outage reports, while downdetector.com has recorded a peak of over 21,000 TikTok outage reports.

While on social media sites such as Twitter, TikTok users reported issues with comments not showing on the social networking platform.

One of them tweeted, “Tiktok, why can’t I see the comments?

Another posted: “Is TikTok weird to anyone else? The comments are gone, so are the stats.”

One of them added, “My TikTok is having issues and it won’t let me read comments and I haven’t realized how much TikTok is about comments.”

And another tweeted: “All comments on tiktok tomorrow will be tiktok was made to * insert time * I just feel it”.

At the time of writing, none of the TikTok Twitter accounts have commented on the issues users are experiencing today.

But Express.co.uk has reached out to TikTok for comment to ask if they are aware of the reported comments issue and if a fix is ​​in the works.

In other TikTok news, the social media site recently banned content related to the “sneaky lick” trend.

This saw children in the United States sharing videos of items they allegedly stole from their school.

Items allegedly stolen by the students include furniture, soap, paper towel dispensers, laptops, microscopes and wet floor signs.

As TikTok has banned this content, they also urged students not to fall for this trend.

The TikTok Comms Twitter posted: “We expect our community to create responsibly – online and IRL. We remove content and redirect hashtags and search results to our community guidelines to discourage such behavior. Please be kind to your schools and teachers. “

More soon…

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PHYTunes Unveils Patent Pending Strategy to Provide Complete 5G Inside Residential and Commercial Buildings Enabling Innovation in Next Generation IoT Applications and Solutions


The company wins first place in the Deutsche Telekom Challenge, a global science competition

PALO ALTO, California, September 16, 2021 / PRNewswire / – PHYTunes, a leader in the convergence and delivery of 5G over existing wired infrastructure, today unveiled its strategy to develop an environmentally friendly converged edge solution. The company unveiled a methodology for delivering high-frequency wireless signals over existing and new wired infrastructure, removing barriers to advanced high-speed applications in residential and commercial buildings. The PHYTunes team demonstrated its innovative approach to wireless-wired convergence during Deutsche Telekom’s global competition, the Telekom Challenge, winning first place in the Research component. Telekom’s research and development unit T-Labs launched the international science competition this year.

Internal limitations to high-frequency signals could slow 5G adoption and limit the number of use cases using IoT, automation, and artificial intelligence. 5G loses significant signal strength when passing through physical barriers such as glass, wood, and concrete. PHYTunes has developed a cellular subscriber line (CSL) approach to use the existing wired infrastructure to carry the 5G signal over existing telephone lines, fiber optic cables, Ethernet cables and coaxial cables to deliver seamlessly. transparency of 5G speeds without degradation in the home, small business or business.

Deutsche Telekom received 180 proposals from 35 countries participating in both the Development and Research strands. PHYTunes won first place in the Research Stream and will receive an award of 75,000 euros. PHYTunes was the only North American company to make the final top ten. In addition, it will receive an investment from hub: raum, the technology incubator of Deutsche Telekom.

Noted Jisung Oh, CEO of PHYTunes, “This award recognizes the hard work of our team and validates the critical need for high-speed, integrated solutions that promise to improve the way we work, live and play. At PHYTunes, we are literally eliminating the and environmental barriers to IoT, artificial intelligence and other application innovations, from remote medicine to augmented reality. We are bringing 5G to the home. “

Said Elmar Arunov, program manager for the Telekom Challenge at T-Labs, “Jisung Oh and his team at PHYTunes solve a critical problem for the future of wireless networks. Their new approach could change the game of connectivity at the edge. We are proud to recognize them for their innovative approach to wireless-to-wired convergence and look forward to seeing them grow as an industry company. “

“Deutsche Telekom’s hub: raum is honored and delighted to accompany the formidable team at PHYTunes on their journey to revolutionize indoor connectivity,” said Florian Steger, Managing Director of Deutsche Telekom hub: raum Fund. “PHYTunes’ unique approach can be a game-changer in the adoption of 5G to become truly ubiquitous. We look forward to supporting PHYTunes with the extensive resources of Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile to develop their technology into a product that will dramatically improve the experience for our customers. “

About Deutsche Telekom
Deutsche Telekom is one of the world’s leading integrated telecommunications companies, with some 242 million mobile customers, 27 million landlines and 22 million broadband lines. For more information, www.telekom.com.

About PHYTunes
PHYTunes revolutionizes high-frequency signal delivery over wires that provides operators with a true converged network at the edge. The founding team brings years of experience in the deployment of new services from companies such as Samsung, Qualcomm, Apple, Microsoft, Nokia, ASSIA and universities such as Stanford, UC Berkeley, UCLA and UT Austin. For more information, visit www.phytunes.com.



View original content to download multimedia: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/phytunes-unveils-patent-pending-strategy-to-deliver-full-5g-inside-residential-and-commercial-buildings -enabling -application-innovation-next-generation-iot-solutions-301379018.html


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Republic Services, Inc. (RSG) is up 0.26% in one week, should you sell?


Hill 62 Investors Observer gives the stock of Republic Services, Inc. (RSG) places it near the top of the waste management industry. In addition to scoring over 90 percent of stocks in the waste management industry, RSG’s overall rating of 62 means the stock scores better than 62 percent of all stocks.

RSG has an overall score of 62. Find out what that means to you and get the rest of the leaderboard on RSG!

What do these notes mean?

Finding the best stocks can be tricky. It is not easy to compare companies from all industries. Even companies that have relatively similar activities can sometimes be difficult to compare. Investors ObserverThe tools allow for a top-down approach that lets you choose a metric, find the top performing sector and industry, and then find the top stocks in that sector. These rankings allow you to easily compare stocks and see what are the strengths and weaknesses of a given business. This allows you to find stocks with the best prospects for short and long term growth in seconds. The combined score incorporates technical and fundamental analysis to give a comprehensive overview of a stock’s performance. Investors who then want to focus on rankings or analysts’ ratings can see separate scores for each section.

What is happening with the actions of Republic Services, Inc. today?

Republic Services, Inc. (RSG) stock is trading at $ 124.31 at 10:53 a.m. on Thursday, September 16, down $ -0.97 or -0.77% from the previous closing price of $ 125.28. The stock has traded between $ 124.10 and $ 125.65 so far today. The volume is now below average. So far, 379,182 shares have been traded for an average volume of 927,700 shares. Click here for the full report on Republic Services, Inc ..

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Gartner – Consensus indicates potential rise of 0.4%


Gartner with the ticker code (IT) now have 7 analysts covering the stock with the consensus suggesting a rating of “Buy”. The range between the high target price and the low target price is between 332 and 280 by calculating the average target price that we have 311.86. With the stock’s previous close at 310.6, that would imply a potential rise of 0.4%. There is a 50-day moving average of 299.6 and the 200-day MA is 237.68. The company’s market capitalization is $ 26,514 million. For more information, visit: http://www.gartner.com

Gartner operates as a research and consulting company in the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and internationally. It operates through three segments: Research, Conferences and Consulting. The Research segment offers objective insight and advice on the priorities of various leaders in a range of functional areas of the business through reports, insights, proprietary tools, access to research experts , peer-to-peer networking services and membership programs that empower clients to drive organizational performance. . This segment delivers its research primarily through a subscription service. The Conferences segment offers professionals in an organization the opportunity to learn, share and network. The Consulting segment offers market research, personalized analysis and field support services. This segment also offers actionable solutions for IT priorities, including IT cost optimization, digital transformation, and IT procurement optimization. Gartner was founded in 1979 and is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut.

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Vail Film Festival ready for a bigger and bolder year 2021


Doing something for the first time is always a difficult process, but you often come away with all kinds of beneficial lessons that can make it run more smoothly the next time around. This is the case for the Vail Film Festival, which was one of the first to adopt the all-virtual film festival approach in May 2020. And as the event prepares for a second virtual event, the organizers are ready for a bigger and more daring event .

“Last year we had to make a quick turnaround and worked with a new platform to create an online viewing experience,” said Corinne Hara, festival director. “Knowing the platform like us makes this year’s festival a lot easier, but understanding how people watch online with all the flexibility it offers is the big change.”

The 18th Annual Vail Film Festival takes place from Thursday September 23 to Sunday September 26. The films will be shown on Eventive’s virtual platform, which allows viewers to watch their selected movies on Roku, AppleTV or their computer or mobile device.

This year’s event continues the organization’s mission of fostering “independent cinema through film screenings, panels, workshops, networking events and educational projects”, with particular emphasis on directors. With 80 films available, this is the festival’s most international lineup to date, with entries from around the world including New Zealand, Japan and Brazil.

“If you think of creativity, it is often fueled by personal conflicts and triumphs. This year we’ve had some amazing submissions because I think the pandemic has given people more time to be creative, ”Hara said. “As people became more comfortable with virtual content, it encouraged more submissions from around the world. “

One of the strongest areas of the festival is its documentary category, and this year is no exception. Some highlights include “Kiss the Ground,” which features famous faces such as Woody Harrelson and Gisele Bündchen discussing the importance of reclaiming the world’s soils, and “D-REP: Fight for Life”. This film tells the story of Dave Repsher, a paramedic from Summit County Flight for Life, who survived a helicopter crash in July 2015.

It’s also important for festival organizers to keep alive the connection and networking that traditionally accompanies film festivals – something they aim to do with question-and-answer sessions, panels, an award ceremony. live awards on the 26th and other social media. driven options.

The push for the personal element really goes to the heart of what makes a film festival special – something that Vail’s organizers clearly understand.

“We’re always excited for filmmakers to be spending time in the city, so we’re excited to see social media interactions and host a virtual festival lounge, because that’s the closest thing we can to setting it up. mirror in person, ”Hara said. “We have great programming from great filmmakers and we know that sharing each other’s point of view enriches conversations. “

Visit vailfilmfestival.com for more details, passes and tickets for individual screenings. And I’ll cover the festival on my Instagram at @ Calmacil20, so follow it.

A beautiful party for a beautiful flea market

The center of action, with its goal of providing the necessary services to those in need, has never been more necessary than it has been in the past year and a half.

The Jefferson County nonprofit is hosting a free neighborhood party from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday September 18 to Lakewood United Methodist Church, 1390 Brentwood St. The event will feature dancing, a free dunk tank, bouncy houses, food trucks and access to its beautiful annual junk sale.

It’s a great way to have fun and support a crucial organization, so visit theactioncenter.org for all the details.

Not having fun at the Freelancer Failure Ball

The mental health association To Write Love takes a new impetus thanks to a unique event – The freelance chess ball.

The black tie event begins at 5 p.m. on Saturday, September 18 at Team workspaces – Coworking office space, 2679 W. Main St. in Littleton. According to the information provided, the event celebrates business failure. Speakers like “The Good Place’s” Meryl Hathaway and “Les Collines” Holly montag will give a toast to failure and the fact that we all fail sometimes.

Tickets include full access to a five-hour open bar (with special cocktails), food, and a seven-speaker lineup. Get all the details on thefreelancerfailureball.com.

Clarke’s Concert of the Week – Wild Pink and Ratboys at Globe Hall

Late summer / early fall was almost made especially for alternative country music, and two of the best artists in this genre are New York music. Wild rose and that of Chicago Ratboys. Each takes their own spin on root-driven music, but they both work in elements of alternative rock for a mind-blowing effect.

Seeing the bands together will be a rare treat, so don’t miss them (as well as the opening Bellhoss) to Globe Room, 4483 Logan St. in Denver, at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 22. Buy your tickets at globehall.com.

Clarke Reader’s Culture Column appears weekly. He can be contacted at [email protected]

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Lenovo Engages Strategic Partners for New Everything-as-a-Service and Edge Solutions


Lenovo has long been one of the tech industry’s most savvy vendors when it comes to building and expanding strategic partnerships. So it’s no surprise that new and existing partners shared the spotlight and rallying cries at last week’s Lenovo Tech World 2021 event.

Building on Lenovo’s existing suite of Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Device-as-a-Service offerings, the company also took advantage of the Tech World event to unveil a host of new IT solutions in as service and periphery. Many of these are provided by its Infrastructure Solutions Group (ISG) and Solutions and Services Group (SSG).

However, while most system vendors offer or develop their own brand of EaaS and edge offerings, few are as focused as Lenovo on the practical value that partners can add to these efforts. As a result, Lenovo’s new offerings will hit the market well ahead and better formed than many others. Consider this in more detail.

The case of EAaS and the periphery

First, why are vendors focusing so intensely on EaaS and edge computing?

Essentially, they follow the money and the market, but for somewhat different reasons. The case for EaaS – to acquire, deploy, maintain and manage a vendor’s products through a one-time contract, support, and payment arrangement with no upfront fees – has grown significantly during the Covid-19 pandemic .

Businesses facing unexpected challenges in everything from staffing to facility maintenance, customer demand and supply chain management, are looking for ways to survive and be successful. These factors, along with simplified monthly or quarterly payment terms, have made EaaS solutions increasingly valuable and attractive to business customers.

According to Lenovo, the market for aaS offerings is growing at more than 4 times the overall APR of IT services. On the product side, the company noted that aaS accounts for 12% of x86 server spending and more than half of new enterprise storage spending, with a 40% CAGR growth. In commercial PCs, one of the top markets for EAaS, solutions account for 17% of overall spend (up from 1% two years ago) and are growing at 50% CAGR.

In other words, it’s no wonder that IT vendors are chasing EAaS.

What about advanced computing? The narrative there was also impacted by Covid-19. For years, the case for edge computing has revolved around the need to process, analyze, and improve the value of data generated and collected at the far ends of corporate networks, in locations such as factories and outlets. These value propositions still exist, but are adding new use cases, such as companies supporting remote workers and schools enabling distance learning.

As a result, private and public sector customers are looking for solutions that improve the performance of network functions and services while facilitating or automating complex management tasks. With the growing interest and potential size of these markets, many IT vendors are actively developing and delivering edge-centric solutions and services.

Lenovo’s new corporate offerings and the added value of partners

So what exactly did Lenovo announce at Tech World 2021? Perhaps the most important takeaway is that the company will begin to offer its entire product portfolio as a service under the expanded TruScale brand. Lenovo believes it is uniquely capable of differentiating TruScale from its competitors’ offerings through its global reach, its portfolio of end-to-end technology solutions – “from pocket to cloud” – and its centralized management platform.

That said, what are Lenovo’s new enterprise data center and EaaS cloud and edge offerings, and what roles do Lenovo’s strategic partners play? In the first case, the new EaaS solutions dramatically extend the company’s TruScale infrastructure services that allow customers to use hardware and services without purchasing the equipment and pay for what they use without the requirement of minimum capacity.

Lenovo’s metering solution stays outside the customer’s data plan, combining ease of access and cloud-like economics with the security of on-premise hardware. Capacity can increase or decrease to meet a customer’s business needs. The contracts include all associated services (maintenance, support, remote monitoring and management) paid in a single monthly invoice.

Partners play a key role in existing Lenovo TruScale offerings, such as the SAP S / 4HANA Cloud Private Edition, a fully managed SAP S / 4HANA cloud service based on Lenovo TruScale and purchased through SAP, and hosting hosted on Nutanix and Citrix. desktop solution announced in April.

At Tech World 2021, the company announced new partner-compatible offerings, including:

  • Edge to Cloud Solutions using Lenovo’s ThinkAgile VX HCI platform and VMware Cloud Foundation or Lenovo’s ThinkAgile MX HCI platform and Microsoft Azure Stack HCI (both will be available in December 2021)
  • VMware-based infrastructure solutions (Lenovo + VMware Cloud Foundation) as a service managed by Lenovo through the VMware Cloud Provider (VCPP) program (available worldwide in December 2021)
  • Deloitte Cloud Managed Services powered by Lenovo TruScale IaaS which leverages Deloitte’s Open Cloud management platform and can be purchased through Deloitte or Lenovo (available December 2021)
  • In partnership with Intel, Lenovo TruScale Infrastructure Solutions with Silicon-as-a-Service The features will allow customers to scale compute resources on demand and pay only for activated processor cores. Proof-of-Concepts are currently underway with availability scheduled for Q1 2022
  • Lenovo TruScale Infinite Storage enables uninterrupted perpetual storage infrastructure data services, including guaranteed upgrades to the latest Lenovo ThinkSystem DM series during the term of the contract. Enables customers to continuously expand their storage environments up to 260PB to meet performance and / or capacity requirements (available Q1 2022)

In addition to customers who purchase new EaaS solutions directly through Lenovo and its strategic partners (if applicable), members of Lenovo’s TruScale Channel program can directly outsource and provide customers with TruScale as- a-service (available in September 2021 for Q1 partners and in Q1 2022 until distribution).

Three separate announcements highlighted Lenovo’s focus on edge computing. First, the company said it would be the first vendor to release a solution that leverages VMware’s state-of-the-art computing platform. The offering consists of two Lenovo ThinkSystem SE350 Edge servers integrated with preloaded VMware software and can reduce the footprint of Edge hardware by up to 50%.

The company also announced enhancements to Lenovo Open Cloud Automation (LOC-A), which is designed to automate data center and cloud infrastructure deployment tasks. According to Lenovo, LOC-A can now support up to 10,000 state-of-the-art IT sites and accelerate deployment time by up to 81% while reducing labor requirements by 10X + (compared to manual methods ). ThinkSystem SE350 Edge servers and LOC-A enhancements will be available in September 2021.

Finally, the company showcased the Lenovo ThinkEdge SE70, a flexible artificial intelligence (AI) edge platform for businesses designed to support smart transformation efforts in areas ranging from logistics, transportation, and smart cities. retail, healthcare and manufacturing. The ThinkEdge SE70 was created in cooperation with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and leverages the AWS Panorama Device SDK which can be used to turn common IP cameras into “smart” cameras. The new solution is powered by NVIDIA’s Jetson Xavier NX platform to support AI and machine learning models at the edge. Availability of the ThinkEdge SE70 is scheduled for 1h 2022.

Final analysis

Working successfully with strategic partners is a vital issue for suppliers of all stripes. This can significantly reduce the time, effort, and risk involved in developing and delivering new solutions and services. Additionally, well-known partners add their own imprimatur or “label of approval” to new solutions, a critical issue for companies and other organizations that tend to place as much emphasis on reliability as on innovation.

These points and value propositions are clear in the new EaaS and advanced computing solutions that Lenovo announced at Tech World 2021. With the help of strategic partners, the company has significantly expanded its TruScale portfolio with infrastructure offerings. IT and cloud that should appeal to a wide range of business customers. Lenovo has also followed a similar path, amplified by partners, in its new edge offerings, resulting in solutions that will meet current business needs and emerging areas of interest.

As I noted earlier, Lenovo has proactively leveraged strategic partnerships for many years, ranging from well-established efforts with pillars of the IT industry including Intel, Microsoft, VMware, SAP, Nutanix, Citrix and NVIDIA, to new relationships with Deloitte, Kyndryl and AWS. While the Everything-as-a-Service and Edge computing offerings announced at Tech World 2021 may be new, the partner-centric ethos behind them has been a key part of Lenovo’s long-standing success and advantages that it constantly offers to professional customers and to the channel.

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FleetPride acquires Truck Service Company Inc.


FleetPride Inc. acquired the assets of Truck Service Company Inc. of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Truck Service Company has been in business since 1989, providing repair and service work to drivers and fleets in Southern Tennessee and Northern Georgia. Truck Service Company was founded by Jerry Gamble and is now run by his two sons, Rodney and James. The new service center will partner with the existing FleetPride parts location just a few blocks away to create a comprehensive parts and service value proposition for customers.

“Rodney, James and the other new members of the team will be great additions as we welcome them to the FleetPride family,” said Mike Harris, senior vice president of sales and operations for FleetPride. “Truck Service Company is renowned for its quality work and excellent customer service and this acquisition will help us improve the customer experience with parts and service in the Chattanooga market. It all starts with great people; we feel very fortunate that Truck Service Company has chosen FleetPride as a partner to move forward.

“We are very happy to join FleetPride,” said Rodney Gamble. “We know our customers will appreciate having a complete parts and service solution, backed by a strong and growing national network. “

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🏌️‍♂️ Jayhawks win co-championship; Kluver wins at Minnesota – Kansas Jayhawks


INDEPENDENCE, Minnesota – The Kansas men’s golf team finished co-champion of the Gopher Invitational on Monday at Windsong Farm Golf Club, while runner-up Luke Kluver shot a final round 66 to win the tournament’s individual team.

The Jayhawks shot under 281 on Monday to finish -14 and tied with Notre Dame for the tag team championship. This is the first championship in the Kansas tournament since the Jayhawks captured the Jackrabbit in 2018. The Fighting Irish shot -9 as a team on the final day and regained some ground against the Jayhawks, who were three cents for the game. final round, but Kansas held on. to win the co-championship.

“It was an absolute job today,” said coach Jamie Bermel. “The course was quite difficult and we received a punch in the nose at the start of the round. To the team’s credit, the guys responded and we fought back. Hats off to Notre-Dame; they made some big birdies on the last hole.

Kluver, meanwhile, was five under on his last 10 holes and held off Kent State’s Josh Gilkison to win his first tournament title as a Jayhawk. The runner-up from Norfolk, Nebraska shot rounds of 67, 70 and 66 to claim the victory.

“Luke was a man there this week,” Bermel said. “He was in total control of his golf ball and put it really well. He has a chance to win every week, and if he has a good week of putting, like he did this week, it’s a win. He’s really matured on the golf course and I’m delighted to see him continue to improve.

Kluver, who opened the 2021-22 season earlier this month with a T6 finish at the Marquette Invitational, was below par in his six innings to open his year. He was even tied in his last eight-hole round on Monday, but then birdied 9, 11, 12, 13 and 14 to reach 10 under for the tournament and five under for his round.

“I’m extremely excited to get my first team and an individual victory in Kansas,” Kluver said. “I waited for this moment and trusted my process. I am really looking forward to the rest of the fall and hope to find out more.

Senior Callum Bruce, a transfer from San Diego State, finished tied for fourth at under 6. Bruce had a under-two 69 Monday to secure a top-five spot in his second tournament as a Jayhawk. He had three birdies in a row on the back nine after being tied on the turn for a two-under shot for the final round.

Ben Sigel finished in the Top 20 in T16 with a score of 1 under. He birdied crucial at No.16 to help the team score and secure their final round score at 72. Harry Hillier finished tied at 31st at +4, while Davis Cooper tied for 48e at +10.

The Jayhawks will be back in action on September 27 at the Windon Memorial in Chicago for the two-day event hosted by Northwestern.

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