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ringID creates jobs for millions of people


A social commerce company, ringID now has over 20 million users and created millions of new entrepreneurs.

ringID offers its millions of users unlimited earning potential through omnichannel earning opportunities on its social commerce platform. ringID combines the power of social networks with opportunities to earn through its wide functionality which includes live streaming and calls, secret chat and a market.

“ringID enables people to connect in a collective marketplace of services and goods,” said Ayrin Islam, co-founder and CEO of Ring Inc. “We continue to build a decentralized ecosystem, support for new digital economic opportunities in a global community, where everyone can earn based on their contribution by exchanging knowledge and participating in the global narrative.

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Users have created virtual storefronts that showcase their products and services. With the unique social commerce feature, users can interact directly with consumers and customers through live broadcasts, direct voice calls, and video calls. The platform supports affiliate marketing relationships by providing a set of products for users to purchase. Influencers and broadcasters can build and leverage relationships to create a new revenue stream.

ringID also provides an opportunity for professional service providers to share their knowledge and ideas and earn subscription fees for their advice or services. Doctors, lawyers, consultants, teachers, stylists and other professionals provide a range of services using the platform’s Interactive Live feature. The company continues to change the face of social media by providing new potential revenue opportunities.

ringID is a social media and social commerce platform created by Montreal-based Ring Inc. Operating in South Asia since 2015, the platform combines social media, e-commerce and financial services into a dynamic experience that includes online streaming. live, voice and video calls, chat, and social market features.

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