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Sienna Charles Travel Company’s New Membership Brings Customers $ 150,000 Per Year – The Hollywood Reporter


“People spend money like it’s going out of fashion,” says Jaclyn Sienna India, founder of Sienna Charles, a boutique travel agency she turned into a lifestyle concierge agency. Its new membership model manages its clients – billionaires, studio heads and celebrities – $ 150,000 a year.

For the 1%, according to India, the pandemic has caused a pivot towards more extravagant purchases. At the height of COVID-19 lockdowns and travel bans, India has taken its customers to hard-to-reach places (think Azerbaijan), delicate tasks that epitomize the ‘fixative’ nature of its evolved business . “We did whatever the people needed,” India says. “We receive a request, it is my vision, and the team [of eight] go and execute it. It could be a celebrity for a child’s birthday – she’s working to get Post Malone to give a private concert for a child – or a sold-out Richard Mille watch or Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen. , which now costs $ 60,000 more than the list price.

India’s new business focus is becoming “more of a collaborative service,” she says, as it finds people to build members’ yachts, decorate their planes, design and outfit their home gym or wellness room. -be, or build their wine cellars. There was such a shortage of private chefs during the pandemic that significant demand became recruiting from top restaurants.

Snagging dinner reservations at hotspots is another common request. “We were talking to Carbone’s butler in Miami, and people are literally spending $ 10,000 to $ 50,000 on wine. It’s out of control, ”says India, who has planned trips for past presidents and counts Mariah Carey as a client.

She has also noticed that customers have become more likely to buy homes in vacation spots like Aspen and St. Barths than to rent them out. And, given the low inventory of phenomenal vacation homes, the company has helped identify and procure them in the Hamptons, Palm Beach, Telluride, Aspen, and overseas for its clients, along with artistic passports and secondary. “Everyone is freaking out about Armageddon and how they’re going to get out of here again,” India says. “We have become so much more precious to people because the world has changed so drastically so quickly. “

Not everyone can shell out $ 150,000. Potential members, limited to 100, must be worth $ 100 million or more and meet India in person. “I can’t let someone disrespect the team,” she said. “Everyone has to be a nice person. “

A version of this story first appeared in the October 6 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine. Click here to subscribe.

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