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Social Media UNconference Package • Current Edition


There are always special moments during the Social Media Ladies UNConference.

“The energy and spirit of helping everyone in the room is palpable,” said Amy Stark, co-founder of Social Media Dames. “There’s always that groovy vibe where you know women are learning in a way that they’ll take with them. The storytelling is very powerful. It stays in your brain.


The 10th Annual Ladies Social Media Conference will take place on November 19 at the Huston Theater in Launch Fishers. Doors open at 9 a.m. The networking / education event will end at 2:30 p.m.

“It’s a big space,” Stark said. “It’s intimate enough that everyone feels like they can be a part of it. This is a large space for the triad format that we are using. There are three women on stage with a few screens.

There will be 18 storytellers, each sharing a five-minute story.

“Then these three women participate in a mini-panel for 15 minutes,” Stark said. “This is when everyone kicks in and shares digital wisdom. Anytime someone has a little bit of wisdom to help others, everyone feels better.

Stark, a resident of Carmel, will be one of the storytellers, along with his co-founder Erin Albert, a resident of Fishers.

Other confirmed storytellers are Banza Townsend Tracey, Rhemma Payne, Mishell Cox, Thresetta Briggs and Kendrea J. Williams.

The audience will be capped at 75.

Stark said that with so many women having a large number of social media followers, a much larger audience is reached.

Stark said the hall is big enough for 250 people.

“We will follow all COVID guidelines,” Stark said.

The last in-person UN conference was set for March 13, 2020 but was canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions announced the day before. A virtual event took place later in 2020. Current Publishing is the media sponsor

To learn more, visit smdames21a.eventbrite.com.

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