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Tech this week: Elon Musk unveils humanoid robot plans, Facebook faces calls to sell Instagram


Tesla boss Elon Musk has unveiled plans for a humanoid robot that will use some of the same technology as the company’s famous electric vehicles.

It will also perform repetitive tasks that Musk claims people don’t want to do on their own.

The entrepreneur has promised a first prototype of the “Tesla Bot” next year.

“Tesla is certainly the world’s largest robotics company, because cars are semi-conscious robots on wheels, with an on-board computer dedicated to autonomous driving,” Elon Musk explained at an online event on his group’s advances in artificial intelligence. .

“It makes sense to give it a humanoid form,” he added.

The aim of the presentation, which focused on the development of autonomous driving technologies, was to attract new engineers.

Tesla is currently under investigation for its Autopilot and Fully Autonomous Driving (FSD) technologies. The automaker is accused of misleading motorists into believing the vehicles can drive themselves.

The Tesla Bot will be “friendly” and you can “run away from it faster than it does,” Musk joked.

He also spoke of “profound implications for the economy”, since “the economy is based on work”. He envisions a world where physical effort will no longer be compulsory but “a choice”.

Twitter rethinks its redesign

Twitter has announced that it will be redesigning its new redesign after users complained it was causing them headaches.

The company showcased a revamped version of its website and app last week, saying it would make it more accessible, less cluttered, and easier to use.

However, it seems to have done the opposite for some users.

Among the changes was the introduction of Twitter’s original new font called Chirp.

It’s also updated its colors to be “high contrast and much less blue – a change made to draw attention to the photos and videos you create and share.”

And it was this change in particular that shocked many people, as the high contrast caused headaches and problems, especially for those with accessibility needs.

Twitter now says it will introduce new contrast changes to make the design “more pleasing to the eye” as the company acknowledged user complaints that “the new look is uncomfortable for sensitive people.”

The company also added that it had identified issues with the Chirp font for Windows users and that it was “actively working on a fix.”

Some have suggested that the social media platform gives users the flexibility to choose a site design that works for them, as there is no one-size-fits-all solution for everyone with accessibility needs.

US regulator continues crackdown on Facebook

Federal regulators have stepped up their attempt to dismantle Facebook, alleging in a revised complaint Thursday that the social media giant was pursuing a laser-centric strategy to “buy or bury” rivals to suppress competition.

This is the second Federal Trade Commission antitrust race in the company. A federal judge in June dismissed antitrust lawsuits against Facebook over lack of evidence.

“Facebook now owns, and has maintained since 2011, a dominant share of the relevant market for personal social networking services in the United States,” the complaint states, highlighting time spent and active user metrics on a daily basis. and monthly.

“Individually and collectively, these metrics provide significant evidence of Facebook’s enduring monopoly power in social networking services.”

The FTC asks Facebook to sell Instagram and WhatsApp in an attempt to remove its monopoly.

The agency’s lawsuit last December alleged that Facebook had embarked on a “systematic strategy” to eliminate its competition, including buying up promising little rivals like Instagram in 2012 and WhatsApp in 2014.

Facebook said the FTC was trying to revive a baseless lawsuit and said it would vigorously defend itself against what it called an attempt to rewrite antitrust laws.

“There was no valid claim that Facebook was a monopoly – and that hasn’t changed,” the Menlo Park, Calif., Based company said in a prepared statement.

“Our Instagram and WhatsApp acquisitions were reviewed and cleared many years ago, and our platform policies were legal.”

The company has until October 4 to formally respond.

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