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Telstra now provides direct connection to Microsoft Azure Peering Service and Teams


Telstra announced that it has been selected as an operator for the Microsoft Azure Peering service, a networking service that improves customer connectivity, and Operator Connect for Microsoft teams.

The announcement builds on a long-standing relationship between Telstra and Microsoft. This will help improve connectivity to Microsoft’s cloud services and provide an integrated calling experience through Teams.

Networking solutions for remote workers and accelerating workloads to the cloud have become the top ICT investments for businesses in Asia-Pacific.

Telstra says that in the future workplace, global connectivity and cloud phone services should be the backbone of organizations looking to streamline their operations.

Microsoft Azure Peering Service provides optimized Internet connectivity to Microsoft cloud services such as Microsoft 365, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Azure. Telstra said it will work closely with Microsoft to provide business customers with high-performance end-to-end public connectivity.

This offer is integrated with Telstra Global Internet Direct (GID) to guarantee connectivity services and secure access via a single network. Telstra is now offering Azure Peering Service to customers in Asia, with plans to expand availability to Europe and the United States over the next calendar year.

According to Telstra, this offering will allow organizations to speed up and simplify the delivery of telephony services and reduce deployment time, using advanced automation that integrates architectural components between Telstra and Microsoft.

“As businesses accelerate their digital transformation process, underlying technologies such as cloud and network connectivity must operate smoothly with reduced complexity,” said Sanjay Nayak, head of fixed connectivity products at Telstra.

“The Microsoft Azure Peering service provides direct access between Telstra and Microsoft’s networks, providing users with robust connectivity services to the locations closest to them, thereby reducing latency when accessing Microsoft’s work services. .

“By leveraging Telstra’s connectivity and professional services capabilities and Microsoft’s focus on intelligent cloud services, we aim to help organizations in the region and enable a global work experience. modern, ”he said.

Taimoor Husain, head of modern workspace strategy at Microsoft and GTM, says Telstra has been a long-time partner with Microsoft since 2008.

“With Internet traffic increasing at an exponential rate, coverage has become essential for effective virtual collaboration,” he says. “We look forward to leveraging Telstra’s breadth of network to create a modern workplace and enable more seamless collaboration for organizations. “

Telstra has been recognized for its Microsoft Azure expertise and is a Microsoft Gold Partner in ten categories, including cloud platform, cloud productivity and communications. He is also a member of the Azure Expert MSP program.

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