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Tesserent announces cybersecurity partnership with Vocus


Tesseren announced that it has entered into a cybersecurity partnership with Vocus, aimed at meeting the cybersecurity needs of Vocus corporate clients.

The Partnership targets Vocus client companies via a new Master Reseller Agreement signed with Tesserent. Tesserent is also a partner of the Vocus cybersecurity ecosystem internally, with a renewed Master Services Agreement signed as part of the new partnership.

The partnership effectively delivers Tesserent Cyber ​​360 solutions to a large corporate client base, which is currently not handled by the teams in contact with Tesserent clients.

Vocus is Australia’s specialist provider of fiber and network solutions and also operates an extensive and modern network in New Zealand, connecting the country’s capitals and most regional hubs.

The partnership will initially focus on providing consulting packages to over 5,000 corporate and government clients including Essential 8 programs, testing / insurance / red team services and will also be able to evolve to delivery of key security product controls as well as managed security. services such as security information and event monitoring (SIEM).

“We are extremely pleased to be able to partner with Vocus on their cybersecurity initiatives with their corporate clients,” said Kurt Hansen, CEO of Tesserent.

“Increasingly critical infrastructure controls are subject to cyber attacks and we look forward to working with Vocus to improve their customers’ cybersecurity resiliency,” he said.

“This partnership will enhance Tesserent’s profitable organic growth through access to clients who are currently not being served by our current customer-facing team.”

Andrew Wildblood, Managing Director of Vocus, Business & Government, adds: “Vocus is very excited to partner with Tesserent on cybersecurity.

“With the Cyber ​​360 offering that they have built up over the past two years, they have become a significant force in providing cybersecurity solutions to corporate clients,” he said.

“When it comes to cybersecurity and secure cloud services, you need to know that you have the right level of expertise and support, and that your IT environment is working the way you want it to,” says Wildblood.

“We saw at the height of COVID, the dramatic changes our customers needed to make to their networks and operating models to keep their employees safe and their businesses running,” he said. he declares.

“Now that organizations are adapting to hybrid operation as usual, it’s critical to know that you have a solid foundation to support your business. “

Tesserent provides full-service enterprise-grade cybersecurity and networking solutions targeting midsize, enterprise and government customers across Australia and New Zealand. The company’s Cyber ​​360 strategy provides integrated solutions covering the identification, protection and 24/7 monitoring against cybersecurity threats. With over 400 cybersecurity practitioners, Tesserent has the ability to help organizations defend their digital assets against growing risks and cyber attacks.

In total, Vocus’s terrestrial network consists of approximately 30,000 km of high-performance, high-availability fiber optic cable route supported by 4,600 km of submarine cable connecting Singapore, Indonesia and Australia and 2 100 km of submarine cable between Port Hedland and Darwin and connecting offshore oil and gas facilities in the Timor Sea. Vocus has a portfolio of well-recognized brands aimed at businesses, governments, wholesalers, small businesses and individuals in Australia and New Zealand.