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The best AI tools to boost your social media strategy


Do you use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to build an audience, generate interactions with your business and products, and turn leads into leads and sales?

If so, you should think about how artificial intelligence can help you increase social media revenue while reducing planning, development, and management expenses.

Read on to find out more about it in detail.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a broad term that encompasses a wide range of technologies such as machine learning, image processing, speech recognition, deep learning, etc. However, at its most basic level, AI technology allows computers to perform particular cognitive tasks on par or better than humans.

For example, AI-powered object detection algorithms in autonomous vehicles can detect obstacles in the same way humans do, allowing the machine to take control.

Your favorite voice assistant, like Alexa or Siri, interprets your statements as if they were spoken by someone else, then responds in kind, all powered by artificial intelligence. Amazon and Netflix use AI recommendation algorithms to suggest items and movies you might enjoy, making an assumption about your tastes the same way any other product or movie fan would.

Why is AI relevant for social media

AI technology is a big part of most social media sites. As a result, AI is fueling the world’s most popular social media platforms behind the scenes. To increase user engagement, social media networks use modern technologies and upgrades.

  • Facial recognition in posts and powerful machine learning technologies are used by Facebook to target people with advertising.
  • Instagram uses artificial intelligence to recognize various images. Snapchat uses artificial intelligence to monitor features and create an overlay that lets you move your head in real time.
  • LinkedIn uses artificial intelligence (AI) to provide job suggestions and to feature specific items in your feed.

For social media marketers, artificial intelligence improves social media marketing in two main ways:

  1. Reduce costs: AI can help your team focus on more important tasks by partially or fully automating some of the most labor-intensive processes that consume their time. This covers things like scheduling and posting shares, fetching relevant links and tags, and simplifying and speeding up the process of finding what to post.
  2. Increase income: AI can also improve the effectiveness of your social media posts and strategy, which translates into more engagement and return on your social media efforts. AI can help you determine the most effective content, the most appropriate audiences, and the best channels to use. It can even create more effective advertising for you.

9 AI tools to streamline your social media strategy

1. Yotpo

Another time-consuming chore that can now be handled with smart technologies like Yotpo is customer review management. Its moderation tool analyzes consumer reviews and attitudes, giving you information on how to improve your goods and services. It can also be used to increase sales by collecting important data from previous reviews and providing it to potential customers.

2. AI-Writer

AI is not just a data processing technology that delegates creative work to people; it can also be used to create content. With just a title, AI-Writer can produce complete blog entries. While the material isn’t crisp and the text output often needs some tweaking, this program can still save content producers a lot of time when it comes to producing a new blog.

3. Exceed.ai

Exceed.ai is an artificial intelligence (AI) -based sales tool that automates email communication and personalized conversation. This marketing automation technology tries to mimic human discussions by giving potential customers a natural experience, conversing with them, and learning their product needs before transferring the discussion to a real sales professional.

4. NetBase

Listening to social media has been used by brands for decades, but NetBase takes it one step further by including machine learning and artificial intelligence. Its artificial intelligence (AI) -based system monitors millions of social media threads in real time to give real-time feedback on the audience’s reaction to the latest news and changes from your brand. This information can help marketers defend their brands, improve crisis management, and increase campaign results.

5. Knot

Node is an AI platform that uses data from people and organizations to anticipate how a business could more effectively engage its customers, employees, investors, and partners. The program first makes connections between online things like people, goods, and businesses, and then uses its algorithm to identify which ones are most likely to convert or buy. Marketing automation, management consulting, candidate monitoring, and other applications can all benefit from this prognostic information.

6. Atomic range

Atomic Reach’s AI technology is like having a content marketing assistant on staff. Its content failover platform uses conversion optimization and business analytics to help organizations convert their content into sales. While it can help SEO, its results are significantly more focused on ROI, detecting what drives conversions and providing transparent improvements to blogging titles and tone.

7. Seamless.ai

Seamless.ai is a marketing platform that allows users to quickly search and browse large databases of contacts. Without the laborious process of list building, contact tracing, data entry, and other types of busy work, this business intelligence app helps stack contact information (emails, cell phone numbers, etc.)

8. Pencil

Crayon uses artificial intelligence to automate competitive analysis. Its technology visualizes competitive data in a single panel to keep advertisers up to date with the latest market news and developments, enabling them to spot trends and make quick, informed decisions.

9. Scroll

Unscreen uses artificial intelligence to completely remove backgrounds from videos. Video without a background required complicated procedures, but with Unscreen you can capture your movie anywhere and then easily remove the background. Once you have removed the backdrop, Unscreen allows you to replace it with a new static or video wallpaper.


AI helps measure performance, as well as track and analyze every action taken on social media, such as recitals, customer engagement, and news. As a result, companies have a clear vision of what customers want and how they make decisions. Search history and buying habits are tracked by AI. Search engine optimization is also based on performance indicators. With its ability to properly assess user profiles and personalize the overall user experience, AI offers flawless personalization for many social media platforms.


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