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The social media genius has come out of the light – what now?


OPINION: It was around 5 a.m. on October 5, 2021, and I was sleeping soundly in my bed.

I had no idea of ​​the massive phenomenon that was happening on the Internet.

The incident erupted as soon as the entire Facebook site went down with Instagram and WhatsApp.

Eventually, it came to my attention as I scoured the news headlines early in the morning.

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However, my eyes did not stay on the news as I am not a huge fan of Facebook.

I’m not used to social media either, so I figured the downtime of Facebook wasn’t a big deal!

I was naive!

I might be one of those weird people who still have a hard time grasping the charm of social media online.

But the world around me has changed dramatically.

Later that morning, seeing the emotional explosion of many of my relatives, friends and colleagues, I realized that the virtual world of social media can no longer be ignored.

When my daughter came to see me that morning, her face was brooding.

In a very frustrated voice, she said, “Daddy, Instagram is not working.”

Later in the morning, many of my coworkers complained about an instant chat interruption due to the unavailability of WhatsApp.

And later that day when Facebook came back to life, my Sydney-based sister posted a Facebook post saying, “Hello friends. I had a temper tantrum early in the morning while FB was on. breakdown. Now back to myself! “

Is it time for the genius of social media?

Is it time for the genius of social media?

That night, I discovered that my friends were making noise on social media with extreme pleasure as if they had found their genius again!

And it’s this genius I’m talking about.

The genius you can’t see or touch.

The genius that only exists in the virtual world.

The genie that requires a careful master in charge when unleashed.

The Facebook outage lasted about six hours. The internet explosion was so huge that financial experts almost immediately calculated that Facebook had lost around $ 60 million in revenue.

As a result, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg suddenly lost $ 6 billion.

Most likely, it is too early to estimate the global economic cost of the incident.

And I’m sure the great negative social and emotional value associated with that six hours of Facebook downtime will never be taken into account by economists.

If you want to compare the real cost of this Facebook blackout with the total economic cost of the August 2003 blackout in North America, you will be surprised.

A power outage began shortly after 4:00 p.m. EDT on August 14, 2003. It affected more than 50 million people on both sides of the Canada-US border, including major urban centers such as New York and Toronto.

At that time, most places were able to restore power within seven hours. The Department of Energy (DOE) then estimated that the total financial loss from the blackout was around $ 6 billion.

Isn’t it amazing that in more or less the same amount of time, only one person in Mark Zuckerberg lost the same amount of money ?!

On top of that, you can’t forget the unprecedented scale of grievances in October 2021 faced by users with a total of 5.89 billion accounts on Facebook products: Facebook (2.89 billion), Instagram (1 billion) and WhatsApp (2 billion).

Compared to the 50 million North Americans without power in August 2003, the demographic size of the current Facebook blackout is enormous.

Life changing apps

Abou Hoque, the writer.

Life changing apps

And just like with the fantasy character from Aladdin’s fairy tale, it’s the action of a rampaging genius that can no longer be ignored.

Instead, this genius is the absolute reality of our virtual world.

The scary part is that the technology in this virtual world is evolving at lightning speed without any supervision.

We don’t know who does what!

The World Wide Web and digital accessibility present an unprecedented opportunity for the far corners of the world to become the next generation of Bell Labs, Google or SpaceX.

The technology is no longer in the hands of any state power, an elite group or a ruling class.

As the morning shows the day, we can assume that the changes will continue in the coming days.

Yet we have no idea how humanity will be affected by too much reliance on digital masterpieces.

The users and beneficiaries of today’s digital genius need to be as smart as possible to operate sensibly.

The digital world is already created.

Whether we like it or not doesn’t matter.

It is available for toddlers, teens, adults and the elderly.

Facebook is no longer just a social networking service for a group of Harvard University students.

Amazon, the world’s largest marketplace, is no longer an online bookstore operating out of the garage at Jeff Bezos’ Seattle home.

Apple, the global tech giant, is no longer located at Steve Jobs ‘parents’ house in Los Altos, California.

Google is no longer an ordinary search engine called “Back Rub” invented in the student dormitory of Stanford University.

The digital genius has come out of its lamp.

We have to use consciousness to assess the power of this unleashed genius.

In the past, humans have shown extreme adaptability and flexibility in solving critical problems and making decisions.

This is where we will find the silver stopper to put this genie back in his bottle.

The Disney genius was a friend of Aladdin's when he stepped out of his lamp - social media, even less ...


The Disney genius was a friend of Aladdin’s when he stepped out of his lamp – social media, even less …

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