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Today in History: Sitcom ‘Gilligan’s Island’ premiered on CBS-TV in 1964 | Lifestyles


Today it’s Sunday September 26 the 269th day of 2021. There are 96 days left in the year.

On September 26, 1789, Thomas Jefferson was confirmed by the Senate as the first Secretary of State of the United States; John Jay, the first chief justice; Edmund Randolph, the first Attorney General.

In 1777, British troops occupied Philadelphia during the American Revolution.

In 1914, the Federal Trade Commission was created.

In 1933, James Hilton’s novel “Lost Horizon” was first published in London by Macmillan & Co. Ltd. and in New York by William Morrow & Co.

In 1957, the musical “West Side Story” made its Broadway debut.

In 1960, the very first debate between the presidential candidates took place as Democrat John F. Kennedy and Republican Richard M. Nixon faced off in front of a Chicago National Television audience.

In 1964, the sitcom “Gilligan’s Island” premiered on CBS-TV.

In 1986, William H. Rehnquist was sworn in as the 16th Chief Justice of the United States, while Antonin Scalia joined the Supreme Court as the 103rd member.

In 1990, the Motion Picture Association of America announced that it had created a new rating, NC-17, to replace the X rating.

In 1991, four men and four women began a two-year stay inside a closed facility in Oracle, Arizona called Biosphere 2. (They emerged from Biosphere on that date in 1993.)

In 1996, President Clinton signed a bill guaranteeing two-day hospital stays for new mothers and their babies.

In 2003, President George W. Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin (POO’-tihn) opened a two-day summit at Camp David.

In 2005, Army Pfc. Lynndie England was convicted by a military jury in Fort Hood, Texas, on six of seven counts stemming from the Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal. (England was sentenced to three years in prison; she ended up serving half that time.)

Ten years ago: Ending weeks of political swindling, Congress brought forward legislation to prevent a partial government shutdown. President Barack Obama appeared at a town hall in Mountain View, Calif. Hosted by social networking company LinkedIn; the president plugged in his jobs program by answering questions about the image of jobs, education, medicare and social security.

Five years ago: Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton participated in their first presidential campaign debate at Hofstra University in New York; Clinton has categorically denounced Trump for keeping his personal tax returns and business dealings with voters a secret, while Trump has repeatedly called Clinton a “typical politician.” The Colombian government and its largest rebel movement signed a historic peace accord in a moving ceremony aimed at ending half a century of fighting.

One year ago: President Donald Trump has appointed Justice Amy Coney Barrett, former Supreme Court clerk to the late Justice Antonin Scalia, to fill the seat vacated by the death of liberal icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg. (Barrett would be confirmed the following month, days before the November election.)

Today’s birthdays: Former All-Star Bobby Shantz is 96 years old. Country singer David Frizzell is 80 years old. Actor Kent McCord is 79 years old. TV host Anne Robinson is 77 years old. Singer Bryan Ferry is 76 years old. Actress Mary Beth Hurt is 75 years old. Singer Olivia Newton-John is 73 years old. Actor James Keane is 69 years old.

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