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Twitter has officially suspended its account


These last weeks Pupa responded to this on her Twitter page. And took a stand Vaccine, Vaccine pass Where the Government management of the government crisis–19 We have known for two years.

Duke has repeatedly expressed his refusal to involve children in state decisions on the health crisis and has continued to oppose the government on his social media.. Recently it was Verified by Mathilde Panot, Member of France Insoumise on Instagram.

After Instagram, Duke was suspended by Twitter

we have just learned that Twitter banned the boss of the 92i. It is not known at the moment what he will do after leaving the post. But Booba lost a site in which he amassed millions of followers:

One of his last messages is an excerpt from his music video TN This is only available on NFT.

This isn’t the first time Pupa has had an eventful relationship with a social network.. Indeed, B2O has suspended its account Instagram Thanks to social networks in 2020. Banned from Insta, DUC discovered Twitter and found contact with La Piraterie, his fan account with nearly 628,000 subscriptions.. Recently announced, he now communicates on Instagram via his OKLM media account.