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Twitter is testing a new podcast service to keep its users more inclined / Digital Information World


Twitter plans to integrate popular podcast functionality into the program.

Alessandro Paluzzi is a well-known app researcher, as evidenced by the screenshot he shared, in the sidebar of the popular social networking app, a new podcast area is being tested.

Jane Manchan Wong discovered this in the app more significantly than Alessandro Paluzzi, a podcast button in the bottom navigation panel, Wong also shared the screenshot.

It looks like Twitter is going to take a big leap forward in podcast discovery, allowing creators to link directly to their podcasts within the app, in the same way they can now actively link to their newsletters. thanks to Twitter’s acquisition of Revue last year.

Breaker, a podcast discovery app, was bought by Twitter last year, with the Breaker team saying it would be folded into the Spaces development group. At the time, it seemed like Twitter was intent on boosting the discovery of Spaces in particular, with the Breaker team stating that it would be integrated into the Spaces development team.

Perhaps the social networking app has huge intentions for Breaker, especially when it comes to more specific integration of Breaker’s podcast listing capability. It can also be used in conjunction with Spaces, with saved Spaces being downloaded as podcasts to listen to in the new tab.

If Twitter handles it well, this could be a terrific addition. especially in light of the current growth in popularity of podcasts.

According to a survey, 41% of Americans listen to at least one podcast at least once a month, up 32% from 2019. While there’s no way to tell when Twitter will add this feature to the application because the company has not given a particular schedule.

Their users and creators hope that Twitter will work hard to maintain its popularity among them by developing new features and improvements.

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