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UAE public warned against WhatsApp messages promoting drugs


According to the RAK police, the police are tracking these numbers, websites and social media sites and have already blocked many of them and made arrests.

The traffickers send messages from unknown numbers to residents across the country, offering them different types of drugs like hashish, crystal meth and illegal painkillers.

RAK Police have called on members of the community to cooperate with security forces to combat drug promotion and report any suspicious activity to 0564271119. RAK Police said in a message: “If you receive an SMS promoting drugs from outside the country, please send the sender’s number. and a copy of the conversation to mobile number 0564271119.

Drugs are “public enemy number one”, police said, adding that police were working around the clock to protect young people from traffickers. “Parents should watch their children closely as ignoring or neglecting them could lead to drug addiction,” police warned.

“We confiscated a lot of goods containing drugs. Many drug dealers buy drugs through the Internet and send money online, while many websites promote different types of narcotics or controlled drugs,” police said.

Some people also deposit money in bank accounts and are then notified of the location of the drugs via WhatsApp, police added.