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WANRack â„¢ Selected to Build Future-proof Fiber Network for Kansas’ Second Largest School District | New


LENEXA, Kan., 25 August 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – The second largest school district in Kansas selected WANRack â„¢, a national wide area fiber optic network (WAN) provider, to modernize its broadband infrastructure. WANRack has already started construction of a 52.4 mile fiber optic network for Olathe Public schools, which has the largest computer network of any other entity in the Kansas City Metropolitan area. The project will connect more than 75 district sites and bring network speeds of up to 100 Gbps to the 35,000 students and staff in the district.

After a comprehensive bidding process that attracted proposals from a wide variety of suppliers, Olathe Public schools awarded the three contracts – for WAN, Internet access and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services – to WANRack. The new private fiber network is capable of delivering 100 Gpbs, more than ten times the speed of the network it replaces. In addition, the new WANRack network guarantees huge cost savings for the district, reducing monthly charges by more than 50% at current network bandwidth levels.

The cost savings over the current service provider will continue to accelerate as the district takes advantage of the higher network speeds. In addition, the WANRack solution eliminates hundreds of thousands of dollars in expenses that increasing bandwidth with the current provider would have incurred.

“The WANRack network is incredibly faster and considerably more cost effective than anything we have been able to achieve or even imagine before,” said Matt Vrlenich, chief technology officer of Olathe Public schools. “I strongly recommend all districts to consider upgrading to a WANRack network. I cannot speak highly of the company, its expertise and the superiority of its offer.

Olathe The public schools are home to 36 elementary schools, ten middle schools and five high schools, as well as data centers, sports facilities and additional learning centers spread across the cities of Olathe, Land park and Lenexa. The district has experienced 55 consecutive years of enrollment growth. The WANRack fiber network ensures a scalable strategy that can stay ahead of future networking demands, allowing the district to increase bandwidth as needed with little or no additional expense.

“We are excited to expand our impact in the Midwest and enhance the educational experience for students of Olathe public schools, ”said Rob oyler, founder and CEO of WANRack. “This network is the last network Olathe Public schools will always need it, and it literally lays the foundation for WANRack to provide high capacity Internet and VoIP services for any district in the greater Kansas City subway station.”

WANRack is currently operating in 23 states. The company’s robust fiber optic networks cross the country, from Florida To Washington state, and Arizona To Connecticut. The WANRack management team has built and delivered over 200 fiber optic WANs since 2005.

About WANRack

WANRack Provides High Bandwidth Fiber Optic Communication Networks and Related Services to Customers Across the Continent United States. Service offerings include lit fiber, dark fiber and special E-Rate compliant construction solutions. Based at Lenexa, Kansas, the company provides point-to-point fiber networks, which eliminate countless points of failure found in traditional traditional networks. To learn more about WANRack, visit http://www.wanrack.com.

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