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What is the Chelsea Prisoner of Love matchmaker website and social media?


Discovery + challenges the popular WE tv Love after lockdown reality TV series with their own prison reality show titled Prisoner of love. The main difference between the two shows is that Prisoner of love centers around a matchmaker who pairs up the couples featured on the show – a sort of Love after lockdown meets Millionaire matchmaker.

For Prisoner of love, Patti Stanger Prison is Chelsea Holmes, a 42-year-old former schoolteacher from Panama City, Florida. Chelsea reveals in the first episode that her interest in romance in prison started innocently enough. “I’ve been writing to penpals for years,” she explains, “and it occurred to me: all these people who are single, stuck in jail, with no one to talk to – I have thought, “Wait a minute. It could certainly be a business.

Chelsea therefore began pairing inmates with pen pals and potential love interests as a side activity to her teaching job. Eventually, she will literally quit her day job as a teacher to pursue the twinning in prison full time.

What is Chelsea’s company name and website?

The site for Prisoner of love matchmaker Chelsea Holmes is prisonloveandfriendship.com. As you might have guessed, his company name is Prison Love and Friendship.

How much does it cost for Chelsea’s matchmaking services? According to the website, the current price for a “custom match” is only $ 25. Here’s what you get for the $ 25:

Personalized matchmaking includes a quiz, a phone conversation with Chelsea or a team, and ongoing involvement in finding your perfect match. We strive to make the experience easy and to always be available to our customers. Let us help you today.

I guess the one-on-one matchmaking service is for people who are not behind bars and looking to date someone who is incarcerated. So what about the prisoners? Do they have to pay to be included in the pool of potential matches? It seems they do.

Here’s part of the prisonloveandfriendship.com sales pitch:

The friendships that your friend or family member develops while incarcerated, with the outside world, could be among the most meaningful and positive relationships. With more than a million views on our professional sites per month, their new correspondent is waiting for them. Start their new friendship today for just $ 30.00

All $ 30.00 penpal ads include posting to the website as well as all social platforms. For social media posts only, the price is $ 15.00

The website ad includes up to a 300 word intro, multiple photos, and contact information. Social media posts will only include photos or videograms and contact information.

Information needed for announcement upon submission: full name, DOC / inmate number, prison and state name, current conviction / sentence length / release date, type of communication

The website currently has 20 penpal profiles of potential prisoners. Unfortunately for guys who are looking for inmate love, all of the profiles on the website are male.

Love and Friendship prison on social networks

The Chelsea company is present on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Here are the links:

Love and friendship in prison on Facebook.

Prison Love and Friendship on Instagram: @prisonloveandfriendship

Love and friendship in prison on TikTok: @prisonloveandfriendship

If you’re curious about what a matchmaking ad looks like, here are the two most recent videos posted to the TikTok account with Bryceton and Curtis:


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♬ No Guidance (feat. Drake) – Chris Brown


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♬ original sound – Love and friendship in prison

CLICK HERE to watch the profile video of Devin, who appeared in the first season of Prisoner of Love. (He was New York student Isa’s boyfriend.)

Much like the Prison Love and Friendship website, most social media profiles are male inmates. For example, if you scroll through the last 100 TikTok posts, you won’t see a single woman. You need to scroll to a post shared on May 7 to find the first inmate. I guess the reason for the disparity is a combination of things, including the male: female prison population ratio, the popularity of prison dating sites for inmates, and Chelsea’s preference for men. (These last two are just speculation on my part.)

I’ll end this article with another inmate profile that I think could be the inspiration for a brand new reality series called Love after lockdown after braking the Amish:


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♬ Astronomy – Chiky Dee Jay

I have to admit having mutts as wingers is great! Well done, Eli!

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