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You can quickly find a job at Diktock


Video Social Networking has set up a program that responds to job opportunities: instead of sending their CV, the Chinese company offers to apply with a short video. For now, this model is only available in the United States.

Tic Tac Toe has been offering a tool for applying for job vacancies since Wednesday with a short video © AFP / Ugo Padovani / Hans Lucas

No more long queues on the CV, apply with a short video presentation: this is what the Dictoc social network offers, especially among young people who are very popular. The project, developed by a Chinese company, helps companies respond to job offers. Launched on Wednesday, this tool The trial version will be available until July 31. For now, it is only available in the United States.

To apply, you must post a video with the hashtag on the social network #TikTokResumes (“Restart” is the English word for CV) Then take the stage tiktokresumes.com It collects job offers from companies.

Tick ​​Tock encourages its users to apply through these short videos to search for work. © Radio-France

An opportunity for large American companies

Many American companies have expressed interest in this device: the Chipotle restaurant chain, Abercrombie & Fitch clothing stores, the WWE wrestling organizer and the Detroit basketball team. This is an opportunity to target Diktok audiences and recruit “Generation Z” youth. “Thanks to Dictoc CVs, potential candidates (…) can show their credibility and real interest, _In a different way from a classic CV or a sit-down interview_“, Chipotle pointed out the company.

This project comes at the right time. In the aftermath of the Covid-19 crisis, American companies began to move up the slope, which allowed Creation of several jobs. But some departments, especially those with low salaries, have difficulty recruiting. Cibot’s company, for example, is looking for 15,000 employees.

#CareerTok, content or a job to find an employee

This is not the only attempt to thrive on the social network for employment. The restaurant chain has been trying for months to impress young people with short videos showing the work of their employees. She thus presents The advantages of working in their restaurant, As “Free food” Or “Charge pause time”.

Social media influencers also provide Tips for finding a job or getting an interview Under the hashtag #CareerTok. DickTok’s use of Nick Tron, the Company’s Marketing Director: “#CareerTok is already starting a rich conversation on the platform, and we can’t wait to see how the community loves TikTok CVs, and to help reconsider the recruiting and job search process.”

Dictoc was not the first social network to enter the field of employment. Facebook provides a tool for integrating jobs. So it is possible to thank him for the data of his profile.


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